Thursday, January 26, 2012


i'm going to miami tomorrow to run a half marathon.


i said it.

i think i was in denial since i signed up.

is it too late to train?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4 days of Christmas

I have been too busy laying on the couch lately to update anything here on le blog.  But here is a small recap of Christmas.  I went to Utah for four days.  It was very quick but just right.  

On Christmas Eve we got a nice pic of the entire fam.  Those kids are so great.  Also - check it out - my mom is standing!  She also walks these days without the help of a walker.  So much progress!

 And just like always, I got the kids matching pajamas to wear to bed on Christmas.  The stripes were a hit, but Riley was a little concerned about how tight they were.  Daniel tells me constantly that I am his favorite.  Oh I wish they could all be 3 forever.

After a depressing hour of church, we came home and opened gifts with the kids.  I think Hannah got 3 dolls, 2 stuffed animals and a myriad of other toys that I can't remember.  She did call me today though to tell me that she wanted a tamagotchi for her birthday, which is what I got Riley for Christmas.  Then she got back on the phone to tell me that she wanted it to be pink.

We had our annual After Christmas Clayton Cousin Cookie C'Party.  I think there were about 45 people in attendance and Grandma even came this year.  I put my lovely Aunt Marsha in charge of the half-time show and so we sang Christmas carols and ate yummy food and had a white elephant gift exchange.   Hannah sat with Grandma the entire evening.  

Erica and her son Lincoln

Me with the Orton cousins - love these girls. 

The entire gang - that is a lot of cousins.  Four generations of people in that pic!  

I know that most people aren't very close with their cousins and I am grateful to not be counted among them.  I can honestly say that my cousins are all my friends and even though I don't get to see many of them often anymore, I love being around them and seeing their darling kids.  I was raised to pretty much consider my cousins to be like my siblings and I just love them all so much.  

Since Christmas I have been catching up on my tv viewing and the next three weeks are restaurant week here in New York, so I have been eating a ton lately.  I will definitely need to tell you all about the delicious food I have been eating.  Then I will tell you about the 10 pounds I gained this month.  Stay tuned for that!