Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn 2013

I hear lots of talk these days about how the word "busy" is a cop out.  If spending time with friends, exercising, working, commuting, and eating equal "busy", then that is what is going on with me.  Here are a few pictures from life as of late.

Apple picking in Upstate

Amber made a carmel apple cake for one of our Sunday night dinners and I haven't stopped thinking about it, since.

Our potluck dinner crew.  My fellow foodies are some good peeps.

I went to DC for a singles conference and saw Brady.  Been about 12 years at least.  For those who know who Blythe is, this is her brother.

I went to New Hampshire with some friends in October and we went apple picking again.  I think we spend more time taking photos at these orchards than we do actually picking apples.

The colors!

Not the best photo, but I love it.
Fallapalozza Family Photo 2013
Procession of the Ghouls at St. John the Divine.  This was cool...and very weird.

Daniel and me at Suzi's Halloween party.  I was wearing my jockey costume...and I'm not sure why we're posing like that.

Me and Lane heading out to a Halloween Party with friends

The Blaze is a jack-o-lantern festival about an hour north of NYC.  much more exciting  and thorough photos can be found here.

All made of pumpkins.  Thousands of them.

For Halloween a few of us went to march in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade as the Rockford Peaches baseball team.  I will definitely do it again - marching in the parade was a blast.  
The day after Halloween I flew to California for a long weekend and was lucky enough to attend Connor's 5th birthday party.  How is he 5???

Theresa and I went to Target and bought matching sweatshirts, because...TWINS!  When I decide to grow up some day, I'm going to live next door to Theresa.  I need more of her in my life.  Side note: I had to laugh when I was at her house because we own so many of the same random products.  Is shopping also genetic?  Weird.  Shampoo, hand soap, moisturizer, etc.

Ryan and I playing in the bounce house.  Never too old, people.  Never too old.

Taylor - 13 going on 27.  My dad told me a few months ago that Taylor and I looked a lot alike and I didn't see it until I saw this photo.  Yikes.

On Monday I went for a hike in the hills behind my aunt and uncle's house in Marin.  Truly one of my favorite places on earth.

It was right around this time that I started thinking that maybe I'd taken a wrong turn.

With trusty Kallie by my side

And 8 miles later, I got home.  Woops.  I unintentionally almost killed the dog, I think.  Obviously I was just trying to kill myself and the dog just happened to be there.  #deathmarch2013

Me and Gram.  In exactly 1 month she will be 100 years old.  Hang on, Gram!  You can do it!

About an hour before I had to leave, I met up with these beauties for a quick bite and laughs.  Oh how I miss them.  I'm so glad that they are all still a part of my life.  I could go on, but sheesh. Love them.

More important reasons that I went to California, coming right up.