Sunday, August 30, 2009

it should be called full dome. there is nothing half about it.

so where do i even begin in telling you about half dome. pretty much, i had absolutely no idea what i was getting myself into. if you don't know what half dome is, please check your california quarters from now on. it is a huge chunk of granite coming out of the yosemite valley in eastern california. also, please note that half dome is the inspiration for the north face logo. now i know why this hike inspired an entire sport brand.

there were 9 people with us - and we started hiking at 2am. we had people fly in from texas, new york, utah, and dc to go on this adventure with us. such an amazing group of friends. here we are about 4 hours later once we'd reached the upper valley. we were already getting delirious and throwing logs at each other people's faces around this time. or, in other words, scott porter was throwing giant logs at my head. below, dave haynie is just showing us how strong he is.

jason and i switched packs somewhere along the trail - here we are drinking from our own camelbacks. that would be half dome behind us. that's how far we still had to go. oh my.


we passed this sign along the way. no biggie, right.....

and about 6 hours into our hike, we got to the cables. people die hiking half dome and this is where they die. i'm not kidding. you know how i like living on the edge. i am so outdoorsy - i was ready to conquer this thing. i will punch half dome.

and the next time scott porter asks me to turn around, i will. you can see here how steep the climb is.

i had climbed up about half of the cables when i realized that the shoes you see right there were not going to cut it. the little wooden boards that you can climb to are about 7 to 8 feet apart from each other, and after slipping and doing a pull up to the next platform to save my own life, i realized that if i went up one more step, i would slip to my death. i just stood there shaking. luckily scott took good care of me and helped me scott down half of the mountain on my bum while holding the cable in my bare hands. seriously - i was looking death in the eye for a few seconds there on the cables. i just knew that i couldn't do it. not that i didn't want to. but. i'd rather be alive than say that i made it to the top of the cables at half dome. maybe in a few years if someone invites me to go back, i will get some good hiking shoes and give it another go. here is an awesome photo of steph b at the top of half dome. what an incredible view.

i am happy to report that we all made it home safe and sound without sleeping for 40 hours and after hiking about 20 miles.

if a marathon is anything like that, bring it on. i am going to punch you, marathon. and a big thank you to scott porter for taking all of the above photos. your arms are number one, your shoulders are number one, YOU are number one. oh. and to jason boyd for carrying my bag like a super star. and for rachael - for being so damn good looking.

it should also be noted that a few years ago, a guy i was dating told me that one of his goals in life was to hike half dome. i told him that he was crazy and that something like that would never be on my list or would i do something like that. looks like i'm crazy. go figure.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the top 10 reasons i haven't gotten much sleep in the past few weeks

1. there were two boys from london visiting me while they were in san francisco. people who are on vacation do not care about the schedules of those who work. oh, but look at the one on the right. aeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeae

2. going to santa cruz on a work night is fun, but not advisable since it is 1.5 hours away.

3. hiked half dome starting at 2am and finished at 6pm the same day. there went that's night of sleep. lost it in the dark somewhere in yosemite. once i get some better photos for you, there will be a post in it's own right about this adventure.

4. although i already posted about it, here is my travel log of catalina.

5. with every day that goes by, i'm getting more and more stressed out by my 10 year reunion coming up. of all the hundreds of photos that have been posted on our reunion website, i have not been in a single one. shocker.

6. cute boys
7. cute boys
8. cute boys
9. cute boys
10. cute boys

oh, my life is so hard.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Has it really been since Tuesday of last week that I posted? Wow. Time flies when you're having fun; right, people?

The best news I have to report is that my shift key is working. Working! Do you see how I can ask questions? And how I can make letters UPPERCASE without hitting the caps lock button?! And exclaim! Yes, shift happens. Finally.

This last weekend I hiked half dome with 8 amazing friends. I will be posting about that separately, but seeing these peaks at 4am with the early morning light coming up behind them will forever be etched in my mind as one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new roommate

no, i am not talking about rachael.

i am talking about this new little roommate, the mouse.

i have named him gus in an effort to sleep well tonight after he ran across my path when i was going to turn off the kitchen light a few moments ago.
i have also envisioned mice in people clothes.or a mouse on a scooter going around my kitchen.

wait a second. now i'm totally freaking out. i may or may not have just stuffed some unstuffed shams under the bathroom door.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

26 miles across the sea. santa catalina is the place for me.

if you haven't been to avalon in catalina island before, you should go. the weather was amazing and it was just a cute little town. reminded me in some ways of martha's vineyard, except less wholesome. i wouldn't say that overall it is a very kid-friendly place, but worth the trip out there if you are into water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, ocean rafting, etc. according to the local pirate that we met on the ferry, their biggest problem is litter. with a crime report like that, what are you waiting for.

we had a few trip highlights. here they are in no particular order -

walking around town in the morning and checking out the local flavor. most people there drive golf carts. there are very few cars which makes for a very relaxing atmosphere.

eating. we had ice cream twice. yum. we also had the world's best onion rings at eric's on the green pier. when you go, please do yourself a favor and order them.

trying to get this guy's attention on the beach was a hoot. and oh boy, did we. he even came and sat with us for a while. oh, you hot europeans cannot get enough of me, apparently.

who can help themselves when you are looking at this - please note that you can see a piece of my bathing suit on the lower right hand corner.

me and uzi both bought hats that day. after leaving the beach and right before the sun went down. yep, we are smart like that. we are also tanner than you, so stop judging.

on sunday morning we were helping our friend with some errands and i was chatting with a friend on the phone when i heard some bells ringing. i commented to kristy that it would be an answer to my prayers if it was the ice cream truck. i kid you not that less than a minute later, a mexican pushing an ice cream cart walked right past our car and we shelled out the money for the ice cream quicker than you can say 'i shouldn't be eating ice cream.' best miracle ever. well, for us. on sunday. at 1pm.

you. are. welcome.

please click here to listen to a cute old song about catalina island. if you would like to see all our photos, please click here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

back home

so. yeah. this weekend.

catalina was wonderful and i will post pictures soon. as in tomorrow if humanly possible.

this week is going to be insanely busy - friends are coming into town for some good times this weekend and i just might go to the airport about 10 times by the time next monday rolls around. i feel like a list is appropriate. a list of things i am grateful for today.
  • uzi. today in church i nearly cried during one of the talks because i just thought of how grateful i am for her. because she is awesome.
  • stephanie nielsen's example to me.
  • my clean room and clean carpet.
  • people who go out of their way for me.
  • that i can go to two wards today in los angeles and know a gaggle of people in each. i love that i feel loved when i go to church in another town because i see familiar faces.

Friday, August 14, 2009

to confuse you and make you jealous.

um....if you don't know why i'm dedicating this song to myself, maybe you need to catch up on my personal life. that is all i am going to say about that.

also, my verizon plan has just been updated with less minutes. so if you intend to call, please call me on the weekend. but not this weekend. i will be on catalina island chillaxin with uzi. i can't wait.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

swf looking for swm to do chores around the house.

tonight i went to town with the rug doctor. after seeing how dirty the carpet in my bedroom and the living room were, i am thinking that a yearly date with the doctor might be in order.

and i am also counting this as my cross training for the week. three hours of pulling this thing around the house should totally count as a workout. tomorrow i will run 2 miles and count it good.
i realized tonight that i need a man as well as want one. when i had questions like 'how do i know if the outlet is grounded?' and 'do you have an extension cord?', it would have been helpful to have some testosterone in the vicinity. luckily a girlfriend who is familiar with these things was only a phone call away and she loaned me an extension cord and some electrical advice. and yes, i am apparently still in cleaning mode. yesterday, it was the porch. i washed the door and windows, swept and cleaned off the porch, and changed the sheets. oh but i am not even close to finished with heavy duty cleaning mode yet. i still have the living room closet to organize, and four rooms to paint.
i have awesome news tomorrow. so maybe you should come back and check.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

and the world spins madly on.

a few nights ago i was on my way home after spending part of the evening with some friends who were moving away. for some reason as i was driving up divisadero, i turned right on broadway to check out the following -

if you know where divisadero and broadway are in san francisco terms, you'd know that i was in the middle of pacific heights, aka, the posh neighborhood with huge homes, set on a hill overlooking the marina. there were times when i'd drive past the robot a few times a month just to see if it had moved or if it was going to laser me this time. and since a few of you are curious i'm sure, this robot is on the front terrace porch area of someone's house. a nice house at that. and i have absolutely no idea why it is there. i know that there are a few of you out there who have seen this robot on several occasions just like i have. and sometimes with the same person if you know what i mean. and the other night, when i was driving by, this song came on my ipod.

and in that moment, i realized how grateful i was for the world spinning madly on, regardless of the changes that it brings. and then i saw this video and made me grateful for people who have too much time on their hands and submit meaningless videos to youtube. also, i love luke and lorelai. stop judging me.

Monday, August 10, 2009

sections 1-7

i start writing lots of blog posts. but i have either talked it out with someone before it is finished and i get tired of writing it or i just also think that google reader has pretty much ruined blogs for comments not being able to be made. do you agree with me or am i way off on that one. i do have a few things to say and although i'm not going to do this in bullet form, i am taking after a book that i just finished reading.

today when elder perry concluded the state-wide california ysa conference without a mention of california, the conference, being single, etc., i was extremely confused. does anyone who read this also participate in the conference/ please speak up if you do. i would like to discuss.

sometimes in my room late at night, i can hear someone walking above my room. kind of like in an attic. please note, we do not have an attic or neighbors upstairs. i wish i were lying about this. i am home alone until tuesday. eek.

i have come to terms with the fact that if you are a lds single male over the age of 26 and you live in the bay area, and you are socially normal, the odds of me knowing you are about 95 percent. please do not think i am being snotty. it is the truth.

remember the resolve i made to get to bed earlier....really got to start working on that.

i bought all new bedding a few days ago. i can't wait for it to all come together. in the meantime, i will be sleeping in rachael's bed while she is out of town.

remember when i went to the singles conference in switzerland back in december. ...well, some of the guys i met there are going to be in town this week and are staying with me. they are from london, so that should be fun.

i am going running every day this week. i am going running every day this week. i am going running every day this week. i am going running every day this week. i am going running every day this week. i am going running every day this week. i am going running every day this week.

Friday, August 7, 2009

thought you should know.

mel, it is good to have you back in my life for multiple reasons. your personal relationship with my dream lover is at the top of that list, however. also, happy anniversary. and, i love you.

- please note that this photo is in no way photoshopped. i. am. serious.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

what would you invent?

This article has gotten me thinking in a big way. if there was an article like this written about me, what would it say???

i haven't invented anything even though i might bring great ideas to your attention. for example...
i can draw well enough to make something somewhat cool. maybe this will be a project that i will work on for a while and see what i can come up with. reading about ben franklin does make me want to be more resolute and stick to my goals more. one of them being that i will go to bed earlier. now that my roommate rachael has moved in, i might be able to more easily achieve this goal since she goes to bed quite early due to her job. here is a quick list of major goals that i need to improve upon starting now.

goal 1 - be in bed every weeknight by 10pm.
goal 2 - invent something - utilize your creativity
goal 3 - exercise at least a little every day
goal 4 - feed your spirit every single day

what about you? and really - i'd like to know what you have to say. rita, that means you. oh - and you, rachael. let's see the comments, people.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

wednesday videos for your enjoyment

don't worry. i'm not really wearing an eye patch these days. the day that i came down with supposed pneumonia a few months ago, i was also in a movie for work. so all of you ophthalmologists reading my blog might see me in a training dvd. i can't help that i am famous like that.

today i have been addicted to a funny website that has a video of the day. here are my favorites so far.

in other news, there is no other news. i am still running, working, and sleeping regularly. i had dinner with some friends tonight at la mediterranee, which is delicious and the company was even better.

life is good.

Monday, August 3, 2009

making eye patches seem cool since 2009.