Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Scariest Thing You Might Ever See

So here is the original music video for "Separate Ways" made by Journey in the 80s:

Here is the video that we made on Monday night:

Which one do you think is better? Leave your comment and let me know.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Special Day

So if its your birthday today, here's a shout out to you. Especially to Dan. I can't wait for you to get your birthday present...

Monday, January 29, 2007

This is Kristy pretending to be her mom. Hi jenee!

They Supposedly Will Make Me Run Faster

I went to Niketown on Saturday morning to try on these bad boys:After my victory lap around the 5th floor shoe area, I decided that I wanted to buy them. I thought that they were cool, but decided that I'd rather have customized ones. On Saturday night, with the help of Kristy, Matt, and Brant, we designed these:
This is my favorite part:
For those of you who can't read what it says, the right shoe reads "Sizzle" and the left shoe reads "Zizzle." Awesome.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Love Being Productive

So other than hanging out with my fam for part of the day today, I was super productive. Have I ever mentioned how I LOVE being super productive? I woke up on my own at 7:30, clocked a 3 mile run in my car, got home, ran it, showered, went to the Grove with Kristy, shopped downtown for a few hours, and got home by noon so that I could attend to my other business. Here's a pic that I got of Kristy when she was drinking the hot chocolate that I love so much from the Grove. Please do yourself a favor and have a cup. You won't be sorry.

I'm Such A Cry Baby

Today was my Great-Aunt Irma's 95th Birthday. To celebrate, a lot of family gathered at her daughter's house in Green Valley, California. When I was a little girl in Vallejo, I spent a lot of time with Irma and she always called me her little "Teffy." For those of you who have known me a long time, you may know that I have previously gone by the nickanme "Feffy" because of this. I'm not sure why, but Irma and I have always been kindred spirits. When we were singing her happy birthday as a family, I lost it. I have no idea why, but it wouldn't be the first time I cried this past week for no particular reason.

Here I am with my grandmother and with Irma, her sister-in-law. My grandma is 93 and doesn't she look hot? Something cool about today was that my grandfather and Irma shared the same birthday when my grandfather was still alive. He would have been 99 today. Wow.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I Didn't Think It Would Actually Rain

One of my best friends and coworkers had her wisdeom teeth taken out this morning. After a few less than optimistic text messages, I decided to walk the 6 blocks to her house during my lunch break to see how she was really doing. I would have taken a picture of her while I was there, but I'm afraid she would have either killed me or had her husband wrestle me to the ground to delete the picture off my camera. Let it be known that she doesn't look bad; hardly any swelling in her face. Unfortunately for me, while I was in her apartment, it started raining outside. When I got to work this morning, my hair was perfectly straight. You can ask my roommate.

Hope This Makes You Smile

The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples.
The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray:
"Take only ONE. God is watching."
Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies.
A child had written a note, "Take all you want. God is watching the apples."

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Bridesmaid & Bridesbutler

So the bridesmaids dress that I posted about earlier for Mel's wedding may be in the trash. The latest idea for a dress is plain black with a light pink sash. Very nice. My favorite part about the whole thing is that Matt is going to be in a black suit with a pink tie. He'll probably have to wear a black shirt so that he isn't mistaken for the groom. I've always thought that for my wedding(if I ever have one), I'd have Matt be in the bridal party since he's been one of the closest friends I've ever had. Why be sexist about it? It is the 21st century after all.

Imagine me in the short dress in black with a pink sash. And then imagine Matt standing next to me. Beautiful.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sucker For Awesome Things

I've been trying to get in shape so that I can run more and looking good, real good, isn't a bad thing either. I found this awesome website today that is dedicated to getting in shape and from just the first page I've found some really awesome things. I just might take their advice and get a personal trainer on my ipod for around $20. You get someone telling you how many reps to do and for how long, etc. and it is way less than getting your own personal trainer at the gym. How awesome is that?

Playing Charades

The other night we were playing group charades. Different than normal charades, the entire team acts out the word so that only one of their team members guesses the word as opposed to one person acting out the word for the entire team. Every time we've played its turned out to be quite hilarious. So when we were playing on Sunday night, the word was kangaroo. Of course when you see people hopping around the room, the natural thing to think is "bunny." But when Weston got in Kristy's "pouch" and they started hopping around the room together, you'd think that this would be a dead give away. But no....the final guess was "Bunny in my pants!"


And Today, I Have a Blister

Last night before Kristy and I hosted FHE (about 45 people were there, which is probably a record high for FHE, and it was in our house...) we went running at Crissy Field. We were supposed to run 5 miles to keep up with our training for the half-marathon in May, but I clocked our run this morning and we went an extra half mile to make it 5.5. My body has never done that before, but next week, it will again.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Homecoming...because I'm obviously still in high school

Ok so its late on Sunday night and I wish I had more energy to post something good about my day on Saturday, but these will have to appease your interest for now. The entire day was amazing; even the 3 mile run that Kristy and I went on.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A More Beautiful Smile

I've had my fair share of dental work done during my life. I had braces for 6 years growing up. For the most part of the 4th grade through the 12th grade I had metal in my mouth. Fortunately for me, most of my friends had braces too, so it didn't hurt my social life as much as other things might have. I had jaw surgery at age 17 and having that done was enough to make me never want someone else's hands in my mouth checking out my teeth. Luckily, I deal. Well, as most of you know, I have friends who are in dental school here in San Francisco. With few exceptions, they've all been so nice to point out to me that I have a jacked up bit of gum over my #10 tooth. Well, in about 2 weeks, that's going to be fixed thanks to this crazy periodontist that I visited last week. I've included a picture so that in case you haven't noticed it before, you can notice it now.

I Clammed Up

Kind of like when you're in high school and the hottest guy you've ever seen walks by your locker every day but you never really talk to him. Your staring may burn holes in his leather jacket, but you actually never say a word.

When I moved to the Presidio a few years ago, I noticed someone every day. Sometimes I'd be on my way home from work, or on my way to the store, but without fail, she was there. I have no idea what her name is, or why she does what she does, but I'd have to be honest and say that her grimace has been the one constant in my life here in the city by the bay.

The Walker Lady. If you live in the Presidio, you know who I'm talking about. The lady who usually wears a yellow jacket, lycra shorts, headphones, and a grimace that makes her look like her muscles are ripping apart with every step.

Last Friday, Kristy and I went for a run before going out for the evening and when we got back to the bottom of the hill, there she was. Kristy was a few steps behind me, so I had time to talk to the woman. Ask her her name, take a picture, ask her why she walks every day, etc. All I did was stand there and watch her speed-walk by. Seriously...I'm such a retard!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Will Age Do To You??

This is what my job is slowly doing to my face. What will yours do to you? Click here to find out.

Homecoming Outfits

We wardrobed tonight. Here's what we've come up with.

I think the socks really make the outfit, don't you?

My first NCDD

I can't even start to describe how awesome my day was today. I told Kristy this morning that I'd like to start double dating Tommy and Stu without really double dating them. So intead of a NCMO, we'll call it a NCDD; a Non-Committal Double Date. I'll spare you all the details, but Uzi and I spent the entire day with Stu and Tommy. We did all sorts of things like run across the Golden Gate Bridge, have a dance party, sing in the car, lay out on the beach, threaten seagulls with swords, get our fortunes read by magic fish, and eat tacos. Does it get much better than that? Here are some awesome pictures.No, you can't have our Ritz crackers!!

So here's how you play the game: You hold on to some type of stick, look at the top and spin around 20 times, set the stick down and then hop over it.
Here's Tommy's attempt:

And here's Stu's attempt:

Let me tell you...after such an amazing NCDD, I think we're going to go on one again. What does the fortune fish say? looks like Stu is passionate, so hopefully that's a yes.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sick...but loving it.

So yesterday I called in sick to work because this stinking cold that I got from Bruce (no lip to lip contact, no worries) got me feeling like a leaky faucet. Since I'm a freak show and I can't sleep in on weekdays, I woke up at the usual hour(7am) and proceeded to watch Season 1 of the Gilmore Girls all day long with Uzi by my side. Well, not really by my side since she was on the other side of the couch, but at least we were on the same huge piece of furniture. She's sick too, but unfortunately it is from lip to lip contact with Bruce as seen in a post from last week. Back to the show...
I love it. I love it so much that I just went online and ordered seasons 2 AND 3.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Book Review: Briar Rose

Last night I finished reading Briar Rose by Robert Coover. I didn't really get it through most of the book until I got to the end and realized that the entire was Postmodern. To get more details on what Postmodernism really is, click here. Because of this, it was frustrating and enlightening. The whole book is from the view point of Sleeping Beauty and what she dreams her prince will be like when he finally comes to her rescue. As a child, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Disney movie, but I'd have to say that this book definitely wasn't my favorite. Reading something that is never definitive can be very frustrating to say the least.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My bridesmaids dress

For the wedding I'll be in this summer, my dress is going look something like this. Mine will, of course, have sleeves and probably be a V neck, but this is the general idea. The lace will be cream, the underneath will be light pink. Gorgeous.

The Porters

I had the great pleasure of spending some quality time with someone I grew up with tonight. Josh and I have been friends since we were 7 and unlike some other friends that I've had for just as long, we went to the same high school and college. It was awesome hanging out with him and his brother and sister tonight. I took them on the grand tour of San Francisco and I think that I even convinced his younger brother that he wants to live here someday.

I was also fortunate enough to see his parents before the night was over since his entire family is in town for Mac World. Josh couldn't stop talking about the new iphone. Pretty cool...

Bowl Game Fun

I was trying to watch the game and I will admit that I did see a few plays, but I left in the beginning of the 4th quarter. Florida was obviously going to kill Ohio, so I had seen enough.
The bad news is that I didn't end up lucky like Mindy did last year.

Steve & Betsy were probably texting each other.
Gladys posing like usual...
Joe watching the game

Katie smiling even though her team got beat...ouch.

Monday, January 8, 2007

New Years in Tahoe

So I haven't really posted about my New Years weekend in South Lake Tahoe, but it was awesome. I just decided that its time. Well, its time to post about New Years Eve, that is. This may be a long post, but you'll just have to deal with it, because the only way to adequately describe the night, you'd have to see pictures of it. SO here we go.

For some reason, Karen had a "Pretty Princess" coloring book in the party bowl, so Kristy and I took it upon ourselves to color pictures and put funny phrases on them. There were definitely a few more where this came from, but here's a good example.

Mark, Wendy, and I making breakfast.

So the funny thing about the picture is really that Kristy hadn't showered that day and we were about to walk out of the house to go to dinner. Speaking of that dinner, I'm pretty sure that I still smell onions when I even think about it.

Since Kristy and I have a joined name, Kristephanie Zundelac, Karen and Marshall came up with Marshen Duffland. Kinda sounds like the paper company in "The Office."

Marietta had this awesome charades game that we played where everyone on your team has to act out the same thing for one of the members on your team. Hilarious. I have no idea what we're acting out in this picture. Any guesses?

Here, Heather is trying to get someone to guess the word "Fire Hydrant."

At some point during the night, someone pulled out the twister mat. Some very interesting things ensued. My favorite quote was from Uzi who said: "You can bite, you just can't push" which she's demonstrating so well on Bruce's leg in the following picture:

more twister...

Lucky 7. We're all hoping.

Happy New Years everyone! Of course we're toasting with our Martinelli's here. With the rest of the evening, I have a feeling that someone may have spiked the punch. Karen did threaten to do it, after all.So here we are, posing for a group picture a few minutes after midnight. If young children are present, please make sure to cover their eyes for the next picture. Some inappropriateness is going on.
And I also want to add that I love that this kiss was captured on camera. Priceless.

Of course the boys needed to destroy the pinatas. Bruce really needed to get out some aggression after that smooch from Kristy.

Some people started going to bed, but for some reason, a few of us decided that it was time for a dance party instead . It would be much better if you could hear the music that was being played during the time that the next few pictures were being taken, but imagine your favorite big hair band rocking out and all of us singing and dancing along to it. And then to every other 80s rock song that you love.How cute.

And then for some unknown reason, Wendy started trying to pull down Kristy's pants. Good thing they were tied on tight. Seriously...I don't think that there's any acceptable explanation for this except for that it was 3am.

Oh...and then she tried again.
I'll spare you by not posting the other pictures of Kristy's near de-pantsing.

Have you ever carpet ice skated? Kristy and Rita taught us all something that we'll hold in our hearts forever. I mean...we all even joined in on the conga line. The last time I did something like this was at a roller rink and Tracy smashed us all into a wall; good thing we were only pretending. Especially in a place like the kitchen.

I can't remember a time that I have laughed for such a continuous amount of time. We started playing charades at about 7pm(if not earlier) and by the time this picture was taken, it was after 3am.Kristy's mad jumping skills.

Kristy got this really good idea to have people spin around while looking at the end of this stick and then do jumping jacks. hahahahahahaha