Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why I haven't been blogging.

While Silvia was waxing my armpit, she accidentally knocked over a lamp and it fell onto my forehead. No bruise, but there is a huge goose egg. Exhibit A:

I guess I could use this as the excuse behind my lack of blogging this week, but its really that I have been insanely busy at work. So that I can take tomorrow off for San Diego I've been working late every night and have had various other things going on, so blogging has taken a back seat. I'm stressed about San Diego but trying to not be so that I can just enjoy it and have a good time. There are about 60 people that we know about who are coming but there are sure to be a lot more once every one shows up. It should be a great time; I just hope I remember everything that I'm supposed to bring. I feel blah right now. Sorry for the lack of creativity. I'll be back next week with plenty to blog about after my crazy weekend.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In my hood

Good thing I didn't play hookie yesterday and go work out during the day instead of being here at my desk. This guy hit two people outside of my gym. Scary!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm forever yours, faithfully.

Last night I went to see Journey and Def Leppard. I was definitely not disappointed. Singing 80s music with thousands of other people on a great summer evening...does a night get any better?

When I was a kid I hated Def Leppard. You can ask my cousin Michael who listened to them like his life depended on it. Last night was a different story. These kids got an early start, obviously. They're only 10 and they have mullets already. Awesome.

I was super impressed with Journey and the Steve Perry replacement. He sounded just like him and did a great job. He didn't sing the ballads though; the drummer did. As soon as "Faithfully" came on, Bruce grabbed my hand and led me to the front of the blanket so that we could have a slow dance. Good times.
The drummer of Def Leppard=AMAZING. Well...better than amazing. Hot, Sticky, Sweet to beexact. So much so that Bruce and I threw them a nade.

This is part of our group. Me, Bruce, Heather, and Wendy. You can't enjoy an 80s concert with just anyone. Thanks guys. You rock my world.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

And the Giants win

Its late and I'm not sure why I'm up writing this, but I figured that tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I don't want to keep my loyal readers holding their breath wanting to know how the game went tonight. Right. I definitely had a great time; good company all around and hey...we won! Here are some lovely pictures from the evening. This picture first off is for Silvia. The first person to identify why I took this picture gets a prize.

Matt, Heather, Mike, and I got some great treats. I got a chocolate sundae from Ghirardelli, Heather had hot chocolate, Matt had fried dough with nutella and strawberries, and Mike had multi-flavored cotton candy.

Just to make sure that he was a real cotton candy fan, Heather and Mike had a taste test to see if Mike could identify the different flavors of cotton candy with his eyes closed. Good news. He can.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Lets do breakfast

This morning Silvia and I took Nina and her boyfriend Drew to the airport. Nina is going to study for a semester in Salvador, Brazil and Drew was going back to Salt Lake where he is working. Nina will be sorely missed. I would say that Drew will be missed, but I only met him once before today and it was only for a few Nina will miss him while she is in Brazil and Silvia and I will move on with our lives here without Nina. After dropping them off, we went to Starbucks to have breakfast and I introduced Silvia to the breakfast sandwiches there. It was so great sitting at Starbucks at 7am chatting about whatever. Lets do it again. For shizzle, girl.
On a different note, I am starting to stress slightly about San Diego. Worrying about the little things definitely won't make it any better so hopefully everything will fall into place, the second house will get rented and everyone will live happily ever after. Tonight I am going to the Giants game. I'll put some pics up tomorrow for sho--and then tomorrow night is the Journey concert. Oh yeah, baby. The words to "Faithfully" are already going through my head.

How do you feel about Tom Cruise?

I found this online today and I have to say that its been a while since I laughed so hard that I had tears. Ok...well, maybe just a few days. But here's a great link anyway. If you really hate him, click here.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Meet Bird Kilgore

This is my friend Bird. She lived in San Francisco for a few months this year while her dad was working for a chocolate factory. She played volleyball with us, she drove us around in her parent's van, she rubbed my neck one night when it was sore, and most importantly, she watched American Idol with us. Well, she won't have to watch it on TV next season, because that's right...she auditioned and made it to Hollywood. CONGRATULATIONS BIRD! I am SOO excited for you!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I like your pants

For a clean video involving kittens and underwear, click here.

Blonde vs. Brunette

I know that the brunette picture isn't as great of Silvia since I took in with my phone and there is a huge shadow on her face...HOWEVER. I LOVE HER NEW HAIR!!!! It is awesome. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

A shout out to Nate & Joe

I had forgotten about this, so I want to make sure and post about it. Nate & Joe were two accounting interns that spent their summer here in San Fran. We became good friends and I was actually really sad to see them go. I have a problem keeping my eyes open in pictures sometimes, so thats why my eyes look like they're about to bug out of my head.

I heart my friends. And I mean it.

This weekend was crazy and I'll be posting pictures soon, so hang tight on that, but I do have a pic of me with two of my best friends here in San Fran that was taken last night. I hadn't hung out with Buck in weeks and Dan left today to go to Chico for 6 whole weeks. Luckily, we will all be together again in two weeks in San Diego. What will I ever do without them?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bass Lake Adventures

Kathryn invited me to go to Bass Lake with her and some friends on Saturday. This is our story.

This is Kelly thinking about the 2.5 mile hike that we were about to take. **Please note that we didn't know about the hike before agreeing to go to the lake. I heard the word "lake" and said "yes" without asking more details.

Kathryn was singing along with the song she selected on the ipod.

I was trying to go to sleep so that I could avoid getting carsick on Highway 1.

I asked Juliann to not turn around to smile for the camera since she was driving us in her crayon smelling car.

Although Kelly and I tried to be asleep on the way to Stinson Beach, we still got really carsick. I wanted to hurl. To make myself feel better, I ate a hot dog.

The hike turned out to be very beautiful! Through the woods...

Right on the coast...check out the black sand. Can you see all the sharks there in the water?! Scary!

Too bad it wasn't a more sunny day. It would have been PERFECT!

This was my first view of Bass Lake. It was soooo pretty!

So that we could go play in the lake, we had to blow up some floaties. By "we" I mean Kathryn and Kelly.
Kelly was still blowing it up...

Unfortunately for you and fortunately for us, I don't have any pictures of us in our bathing suits. Since my hair was wet, Dan taught me how to do my hair cute like hers.

Here is a group shot of everyone but me. The Monta Visa ward, SF YSA, Stanford 2nd, and Tri-Valley Wards were all represented. Way to be cross-ward invitational, friends. Good job!

On our way back, the boys decided to climb this GI-normous tree. Very cool.
And here we are. Juliann, Kathryn, Kelly, and me. Thanks Kathryn for the invite and thanks to everyone for making it such a fun time! The hike wouldn't have been the same without my girls in flip flops from the city. ;)

Friday, August 18, 2006

What I do late at night with friends

On Friday night after getting back from the temple, Dan invited us over. Jeff called, so he came to play with us too. Good times.

Dan & Jeff ate brigadero. Despite their doubting faces, it tasted delicious.

Silvia put on some Brazilian Carnival music, so she showed Jake & LaNae how to dance to Tchutchuca! Luckily Silvia didn't translate the words to the song.

I think Jeff was thirsty, so I gave him the last part of an Orange Julius drink that Dan made for us.

I love to see the temple

On Friday night I went to the Oakland temple with Silvia, Stu, and Tommy. The pictures we took were so awesome that I wanted to share.

The sky looked so cool!! I don't know what we're doing here...

Something to look forward to

I'm going on a double date next Friday night with an unnamed gentleman and some other friends from the area. We're going to see a Giants game. Woohoo!

My daily life

This week has actually been very low key. I've attempted to go to bed fairly early almost every night but my plans have been nixed almost every time. Its my fault though; I take complete responsibility. Maybe its because I've actually been in town for almost 2 weeks which is crazy for me since I was in town only 3 weekends since June. I feel like I need to go somewhere. Soon! Good news: the San Diego trip that I've been waiting for is coming up in 2 weeks and I can't wait. Our house is busting at the seams and rumor has it that there will be tons of single adults party-ing it up. Should be a good time. Tomorrow morning I'm going surfing with the ward; hopefully everone has a good time and no one drowns. hmm. well...for those who know me well, you may know that i'm semi lying.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I just bought tickets to see these guys:

JourneyDef Leppard
Kristy went last night in Salt Lake and I've been hearing about it from other friends for I broke down and decided to go with my friend Heather. It is going to be a rockin good time. Do you think I should buy leg warmers to wear at the concert?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby Announcements

Congratulations to Toni & Clark Easdon who welcomed their new addition, Lacey Jean on August 11th. I haven't gotten any pictures of her yet, but I have been promised that one is coming in the mail. Hopefully one of their son will be included since I have yet to see one of him as well...and he's about 3 now. :)

Another major congrats to Glaucia & Zack Lind who had their 3rd child, Alyssa Nicole on August 12th. I'm sure that Dallyn and Carson are ecstatic to have someone else to play with now! Here are some pictures of Alyssa in case you're interested. How cute!!!

Thoughts for your viewing pleasure

Last night I was supposed to feed the missionaries, but for some unknown reason they stood me up. Weird. I was planning on taking them to Tasty Curry, which is my new favorite place to eat Indian Food here in San Francisco. Since I had been thinking about Indian food all day, I really wanted it, so luckily, Nina was nice enough to go with me. I will fully admit that before moving here I had only had Indian food once and I wasn't too keen on it. I felt like I could smell myself for hours afterwards and the food wasn't that great. I have definitely had a completely different experience since moving to San Francisco. I don't know what made such a difference, but I love it now. I don't think I'm to the point where I could eat it every day, but I do crave it regularly. In December when I was dating Jeff, he took me to the Bombay House in Provo for dinner. I couldn't believe that it was the same place that I had shunned before! What was I thinking?! The food there is amazing. So for you Utah readers, treat yourself to the Bombay House for dinner sometime. I recommend the chicken coconut kurma...and for you Bay Area peeps out there, check out Tasty Curry on 9th and Judah. I think the Tika Masala is best, but you tell me what your favorite is. Both of those dishes with naan and rice...oh yummy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'm thinking about buying this:

What do you think? I have no idea why its called "Chocolate" but I can get it for $50 since my phone needs to be upgraded. Its only a little bigger than a credit card and it slides open to show the dialing panel. I like it...
UPDATE: My phone rang a few minutes after I posted this and when I went to pick it up, it turned off, which is one of its tricks. So I bought the Chocolate phone. Not to be confused with a phone made of chocolate.