Monday, April 30, 2007


I had an amazing weekend. I have pictures to share, so if you can wait until tonight, you might just get to see them.

Gallon Challenge

I had friends in college who talked about trying the Gallon Challenge (drinking a gallon of milk within an hour), but I never saw someone actually try it in real life. Oh boy was it ever my lucky day when Jeremy and Bruce informed me that they were going to give it a try this past Friday night.
Meet the contestants:
Jeremy DittmerBruce Edwards

Kristephanie Zundelac.
We didn't attempt the gallon...but we did eat a bunch of oreos with our milk. Its the only way to go when you know you have to drink more than one glass.
About forty minutes into the challenge, Jeremy moved himself to the backyard.
I sure hope it wasn't because he wanted to be alone...It was at about this point that we decided that Jeremy needed some "alone time."
I came back inside and you can see how hard Bruce tried to finish his gallon. Wus!
Luckily, by the end of the night everyone was feeling well again.
Since Kristy and I have a joint name, we decided that Bruce & Jeremy needed a joint name since this contest pretty much makes them the male version of us(bffs & roommates who talk each other into doing ridiculous things).
Ladies and Gents, I give you Jucy Dittwards. The losers of the Gallon Challenge.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Looks like it's Friday

You be the judge

Ok is this Rick or Dwight? Come on people! Can you really tell them apart in this pic? This puts my Rachael Ray likeness to shame.

Contest Time

Supposedly, this is English. If you can translate the following poem that my friend Phil received for his birthday from a lady in Scotland, I'll give you a prize that involves chocolate. Leave your guesses in the comments.
There wiz a flaich upon ma ganzee, on ma ganzee on ma knee,
an fin i lookit doon- it wiz lookin up it me !
Fit wy on earth, i ask ye, wiz yer ganzee on yer knee?
Cos i wiz shooin a hole in the oxter, for it ti keep me warrum ye see.

I said ti the flech on ma ganzee, on ma ganzee on ma knee,
fit ye deein settin ere lookin up it me ?

The flech loupit up an said ti me-
well its jist like ess ye see-
The cat kickt ma on t fleer, an noo am hameless ye see !

Weel, in the neest 5 meenits- I cuidna believe fit i sa-
The flaich's hale family were jeinin him inna !

They lowpit aff i bass ti ma ganzee on ma knee-
an i flaich wiz affa happy
wi his family on ma ganzee-
on ma ganzee on ma knee !!!
UPDATE: Right after I posted the contest, Matt sent me his translation. Do I still owe him the chocolate? Yeah...leave your thoughts on that in the comments instead.
Here is the translation:
"There was a flea on my sweater, on my sweater on my knee,
and when I looked down- it was looking up at me!
why on earth, I ask you, was your sweater on your knee?
because I was sewing a hole in the armpit, for it to keep me warm you see.

I said to the flea on my sweater, on my sweater on my knee,
what are you doing sitting here looking up at me?

The flea looked up and said to me-
well its just like this you see-
The cat kicked me on the floor, and now I'm homeless you see!

Well, in the next 5 minutes- I couldn't believe what I saw-
The flea's whole family were joining him as well!

They snuck off I guess to my sweater on my knee-
and my flea was awfully happy
with his family on my sweater-
on my sweater on my knee!!!"
Nice job Matt!!!!

Poutine Anyone?

I just bought my ticket to Montreal. To celebrate, we should all make some poutine. Yum! Thank you to Sean for introducing it to me back in 2002. Fries, gravy, and cheese curd...who knew.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ties That Bind

A few months ago I was doing a search on blogger and out of curiosity I typed in "Zundel". I found the blog of this guy who lives in Milwaukee and is going to medical school. I think I commented on his blog and said that we're probably related, but then it felt out of my memory bank and didn't contact him again. A few months later when this was posted on my blog, I got a comment from someone named Tracy (as seen if you clicked on the link) who said that he was pretty sure we're related after watching that video. Who wouldn't want to be related to any one of the girls in that video? duh. Well, today we finally figured out how we're connected and as it turns out, it's not only through genetics.
Here are the ways:
1. I randomly found his blog and commented on it...and in return, he checks my blog.
2. His old roommate is dating my old roommate's sister.
3. He met one of my best friend's dad's the other day and soon after their introduction, Dad Wilson said "Are you related to Stephanie Zundel?"
4. I click on his blog today and learn that a good friend of mine has been a frequent commenter on his blog for a while. Why she never asked if we are related, I'll never know. Busted!
5. We're third cousins once removed. I won't bother you with those details unless you really want to know.

Ladies and Gents, let me introduce you to my wonderful cousin Tracy.
For those of you who think this is weird and that third cousins is a stretch, keep in mind that I know most of my second cousins (on both sides of my family) and I actually spent the better part of my weekend with a bunch of second cousins(and their parents and/or children). Most importantly, don't forget that I live with my fifth cousin...and that, my friends, is no accident.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

At one time this was supposed to be a celebrity blog so Here's my sighting. It was my attempt at being sly. Tessa from laguna beach.

Things I Love

My girls

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

new links new links new links

Not sure if you noticed some new links on my sidebar under "Random blogs & sites that I like" but I wanted to tell you about them so that you will notice them. :)

1. Life in a Nutshell is about a girl from NC who lives in London with her husband. Don't get me wrong..I love my life, but hers looks like it would be fun too.
2. Hola Isabel just seemed to be insightful quips about life. I found that I related to some of the things she said...and its my blog. So I added it.
3. Must Get Hobby is a new favorite. I don't know who writes it, but my gosh they are hilarious. Read this blog. Each post has made me laugh out loud.
4. You like Ashley is some random lds girl and I kinda liked her blog the other day when I found it. See if you like Ashley too.
5. Shenanigans is a blog that I kinda posted about the other day. She's an American girl who married an Irish man...and they live in Ireland. Quite funny.
6. Madeline Elsey is my roommate's childrens' illustration website (its actually called Elbows & Knees). If you know of anyone who needs an illustrator...hook this amazing woman up!
7. Bookshelves of Doom is a blog about books and due to some of its recommendations, I spent wayyy too much buying books the other day. I wish I had that much time to read. That's all I gotta say.

Ok now go check them out and enjoy.

saw this today

Yeah I know that you all know that I look just like her, but this picture actually scared me and made me do a double take. Now that my hair is dark I'm sure I'm going to get more comments than ever about it.

Bowl-O-Rama Birthday Party

On Saturday, we celebrated Buck's 26th Birthday in style at Sea Bowl in Pacifica. Since Buck likes to have fun birthday parties, he requested that everyone dress up. First he requested that everyone dress disco style. Then he re-nigged and asked that everyone interpret what a bowler is and dress like that. Not as easy as it sounds, but this is me and Uzi getting ready for the evening in my room. That's Buck dancing in the backgroun with my hairbrush. Its at times like that when I think to myself: "I love my life."

Here are the finished products:

Me, a.k.a. Sizzletastic

Uzi, a.ka. Trashy Tina

Here we are posing like hard core bowlers. Or something like that.

Here's Seymore Uselac, a.k.a. Matt throwing his ball down the lane.

For the party, Silvia stole this outfit out of your mom's closet. If she wants it back, let me know.
Justin stole this from a girl at the mall; if you see someone without a uniform at hot dog on a stick, let me know.

Kristephanie ZundelacSince it was Buck's Birthday, he took a picture with everyone who came to party with him. This is my favorite picture...and it happens to include Roommate.
OK... just for future reference, if Joe McFarland dresses up for your birthday party, you're pretty special. I LOVED Joe's mullet. Nice job Joe.
Here are some awesome bowling shots; you like those pants, don't you....

Buck & Roommate getting serious...I wish you could have seen in person how tight Buck's pants were.

Sil & Justin were their usual cute selves doing little dance routines while waiting for their turn to bowl.
Buck...what are we going to do without you? Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm out today attending to family business. I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from this weekend. Have a good day!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Of all the gem sweaters I've loved before. Which should roommate get?

Friday, April 20, 2007

A much needed snack.

Winning Lottery Ticket

I can't believe that I haven't thought to post about this before. Somewhere out there, my work number is published as the number to call to collect money on a winning lottery ticket. Yesterday I got a voicemail from Timothy who was calling about his "winnings." I don't know why the message on my voicemail about the American Academy of Ophthalmology doesn't give people a clue that the number they're dialing may be wrong, but they're probably so caught up in the excitement of winning big that they aren't paying attention to the OPHTHALMOLOGY part of my message. Maybe they don't know what Ophthalmology is...and they think that its the science of lottery winning. Who knows. I'm not sure if it's the mean streak deep down within my soul that does it, but whenever I get one of these calls, I can't help but laugh. (And when I say laugh, I mean howl for a few minutes.) I've even laughed at people when they've called and I've actually picked up the call. Its like I'm part of this mean joke that is getting played on someone. "Someone gave you my number to collect money and you actually believed them? Ha Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!" yeah...something like that.

Happy Friday!

Ok so this made me laugh today. Happy Friday everyone!

photo courtsey of Menna on Flickr

The Night of Productivity

Or at least that's what I think Tommy would call it. Wouldn't you Tommy?Whoa...scary pic of Tommy. Sorry guys.
What did I do tonight except for go to the gym and find my charger? I went on a date (a planned pairing off where the guy pays) with T-Bone and ate some awesome burritos from Gordos. Not only that, but we ran into a friend while eating said burritos. Bonus! I talked to my date for tomorrow night, chatted with Sil for a bit on the phone, Dan stopped by to say hello, I organized a paper pile in my room that I'd been ignoring for quite some time, and I finished the book I was reading. Score! It isn't even midnight yet! Awesome.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Check, Check, Check

This is me, just home from the gym...I decided to tear apart my room until I found my I moved my chair and decided to wipe up my floor (darn those hard wood floors) and when I moved the chair back, wha-la! My chair had been holding my camera charger hostage. that my chores are done, I'm off to finish my book.

Chores for tonight:

1. Go to gym
3. Take picture of self once camera charger is found.


In that middle picture, Rachael Ray and I really could be twins. Scary. Make your own Warhol art here.

I love you Irma!

A few months ago, I posted about my Great Aunt Irma who turned 95. She passed away a few days ago, which isn't such a sad thing at 95 when you're sick all the time and would much rather be nagging with your husband in the next life. Ironically enough, I read this post on death on a great blog a few minutes ago and even though its about death, it made me laugh pretty hard, so I thought I'd share. Thank you to Shenanigans for the laugh, whoever you are. :) Perfect timing.


So last night, I took Roommate with me to the East Bay to a little Goodbye party for my friend Erin. Erin just graduated with her Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, but has decided to take a break for a while and be a river guide on the American river this summer in Auburn. Sounds like a great idea to me! Might as well avoid adulthood as long as possible, right?
Well, on the way over to San Ramon, Roommate and I started talking about books and how much we love them. How we can't fathom how anyone could hate reading. I mean...I was an English literature major in college, so its no big surprise that I feel the way I do. Roommate was/is an Illustrator (which I guess is still artsy) so I was semi surprised. It was a breath of fresh air to be able to talk to someone who is as passionate about books as I am. I dated a guy once who saw a shelf full of books in my room and said "Wow; I don't think I've read that many books in my entire life." My response was "Umm..those are the books I've read just this semester." Yeah...big surprise that one didn't work out.
One of my favorite things EVER is to talk to people about books. I love recommending books to people and hearing what they thought of them. (Which reminds me...Mom, have you read that book that I let you borrow yet? Quit making excuses and read it!) So at the very bottom of the sidebar, I'm going to start my list of book recommendations. Instead of you emailing me, asking me what books you should read next, reference my list. If you want a more detailed explanation of the books on the list or want a list of books that I have read and hated, I guess you'll still have to email me. Oh...AND if you want to email me with books that you absolutely loved, maybe I'll make a list for that too. I LOVE book recommendations, so email away, friends!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Running Update

So...bad news.

I have shin splints.

I'm going to take a break from running until my half-marathon in hopes that they'll heal enough that I can run. Don't worry; I'll still be working out at the gym on the elliptical.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Remember that one time that we made this for dinner on sunday and i just found it in the microwave?


Ben & Jerry's. YUM.

At Your Local Naan-N-Curry

um. Child porn?

There's just something odd about having a tapestry of what seems to be a 6 year old white girl with boobs looking seductively at you...while you eat Indian food.

Monday, April 16, 2007

UN Countries?

A few weeks ago I put up a quiz for you to try where you name the 50 states in 10 minutes or less and see how much time you have left. Well, here's the same type of quiz for you but you have to name all 192 countries in the UN in 10 minutes or less. ha! I had 117 countries left. How many do you??

So you're telling me there's still a chance...


My weekend was packed tight with good times, relaxation, and good friends. Just the way a weekend should be, I say.

Last night I went to my first Bite Sized Revolutions meeting (see the link on the right to check it out on your own) to discuss what we can do to help stop the genocide in Darfur. Honestly, I wanted to cry during most of the meeting. After talking to some people about it, the general attitude is apathy. I can't say that I don't ever feel the same way about current events and other issues. I mean...what really can I do? Well, check out this website to see what little "bite" we can all take in making something happen for these people. 5.7 Jews were killed in the Holocaust in Europe and over 400,000 have already been killed in Sudan. So tragic. Its easy to sit back and think that this conflict in Sudan will never truly affect us, but how would you feel if you were the one who was in Sudan? Make a call, sign a petition; you never know what your one little voice can do.

Tell me what you REALLY think...

My coworker just sent me this....