Monday, July 31, 2006

James last

Ok so after talking to Tara this evening, she told me where I could find some pics of her ADORABLE baby James, aka, Little Man or Big take your pic. Here is the cutest picture ever. Check out the hair! Can't wait to see him this weekend!!!! And I also want ed to add that I am more excited than I can tell you to see Tara. Tonight while we were talking on the phone, she had me crying I was laughing so hard. Cannot wait to see her. And another thing. She must be cooler than I am...because when I did an image search on google for her, she came up. Amazing.

Knowledge is Power

I saw a picture of a Hippopotamus on Oh Joy!'s blog today and it inspired me to learn more about this interesting animal. I looked it up on Wikipedia and I learned the coolest things! The hippo has got to be one of the weirdest animals on the planet...I mean...just look at it. Weird. Here's a trivia question for you: Would you say that the hippo is more closely related to a pig, an elephant, a horse, or a whale? Well, if you guessed the whale, you'd be right. Isn't that amazing? Here's the number one reason why you should try to stay away from a hippopotamus:
"Since their habitat is often encroached upon by farmers and tourists, and because they are so territorial, the hippopotamus is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. They are said to account for more human deaths than any other African mammal."

Remind me not to play in shallow water the next time in Africa...or have a dance off with one.

jumping on the bed

A friend of mine gave me the idea to set the timer on your camera and then jump on your bed for a cool pic a month or two ago when she kinda tried it herself...and since I've been home alone for the last two weeks with no one to wonder why I was jumping on the bed, I gave it a whirl. Here is the finished product. I love them. Comments?

finally friends

Just thought I'd let you all know that the girl that hates me is now my friend. thank you. that's all. Due to popular demand, I wanted to let you know that we even high-fived. I know, I know. Its true though!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I've got to . . get away.

Last night a group of us went to see the 80s cover band, Tainted Love. We all donned our 80s best and had a rockin' good time at the concert at Bimbo's 365. Here are some pics for you...

Silvia giving us her best 80s pose....
Me in my Bon Jovi t-shirt
Giselle, Candace, LaNae, Nina, Tommy, Allie, Brad, Me, Buck, Silvia, Kristie

Friday, July 28, 2006

I saw my mom in a catalog.

Last night before I closed my eyes and went to sleep, I decided to look through the Fossil catalog I received in the mail. I was just flipping through the pages when HOLY COW...there was my mom in her 20s in the pages of the catalog. Now...I know that some of you know my mother pretty well and some of you may not know her at all, but I swear to you that this is her 20-something identical twin sister walking through a field, modeling for Fossil!! Do you think it looks like her?

East Davenport, Iowa

The Village of East Davenport looks like a really cute area to visit and shop in. There are lots of fun little festivals like the Riverssance, which is "One of the Midwest's finest outdoor art fairs, with musical performers onstage and delicious foods, and all in the Village's beautiful Lindsay Park." or the Village's Oktoberfest: "Our autumn celebration featuring traditional Oktoberfest music. " I'm not exaggerating when I say that I could go ON and ON. Seriously. Click here to visit their website and see all the fun things to do in East Davenport. I want to go! Jacque, when I come visit, we're going here. There are bike trails too!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What a cool idea

I found the coolest idea today thanks to Blurb Book. They are just testing the idea right now, but the idea is to make a book of your blog. Basically, its like a journal with pictures and everything on beautiful pages and hardbound. As soon as its ready, I'm going to buy one. This isn't all they've got either. Check it out. I found the link via Bridalicious.

Because I can't help myself

Here is a picture of my friends Angela & Chris Barton with their beautiful daughter Olivia at the beach. I've known these guys since they had a crush on each other in high school. They are both such wonderful people and I wish I could see them...I mean...its only been 7 or 8 years now. Sad! What a gorgeous family. Love you guys!

For Allison

Alli - this post is specifically for you. Holy crap.

Marsupial Papers

I love this idea of a pouch to put all the necessary information in for a party. What a great idea. Click here to see more of their designs.

Missy, Paul, Telise, & Paityn

One of my very bestest friends in the whole wide world emailed me this morning to ask if she and her husband (and two adorable daughters) could come crash at my pad for a few nights while they site-see in San Fran next month. Kristy, is it cool if they sleep in your bed?

If they cancel on me, I'm going to cry. I love them. SO much.

UPDATE: I talked to Missy tonight and they are definitely coming to visit. Hip hip hooray.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More cute stationary

I really don't know why I've been so obsessed over stationary lately. I think its awesome...and I guess I always have. One of my favorite things is a personal letter; and when its on pretty stationary, it makes me love the person who sent it even more. Check out Elizabeth Hubbell's beautiful letterpress stationary here.

Dear Kristy

I miss you. Come home soon.


And it came to pass...

I went to see the Oakland Temple Pageant tonight. Much better than I thought it would be, actually. There was an awesome part with a bunch of people clogging at the front of the stage and it made me think: "Jacque, where the heck are my clogging shoes?!" Ahem...ahem. Yeah...I actually do want to know where they are. :) The pageant was great though; very moving and I'm glad I went. Since I didn't take pictures, here is one I found online. If you want to find out more info about it, click here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fun websites

My friend Karren sent this link to me today. Very funny. Check it out if you like paperdolls AND celebrities. If you can name that celebrity, I'll give you a prize.

Things I win on Ebay

For quite some time now, I've been lusting after some Satin Lips from Mary Kay, but didn't want to have to find a Mary Kay lady and go through all that hassle. I had the profound idea to buy it on ebay last night, so I bid and I won...for only $10. I am excited. My lips are about to be as smooth as a tomato. How's that simile for you?

Things to do in Davenport, Iowa Part 2

While doing a little research today, I found this very cool website for a musical festival that will be happening September 22 & 23 (that's a Friday/Saturday in case you don't have your calendar handy) called the River Roots Live Music Fest.
"River Roots Live is the Mississippi river's own music festival. That's right, the river that spread music from one end of our country to the other and back again. It's the first channel music ever knew. Delivering each sound, style and riff to willing ears and waiting minds. It's the true source of American music, the root of it all. If you listen close you'll hear it flowing through the fingers, lips and amps of every act playing River Roots Live. You can't stop it. It just keeps on flowing into every nook and cranny. So you better get a ticket cause everybody knows you can't put your foot in the same river twice.

This year, the excitement spreads to 2 stages with non-stop live entertainment. Optimized for your enjoyment, there will be improved food areas, vending and down home beverage areas. We have also invited our Friends at Living Lands and Waters to be part of our event this year. Their Mississippi River cleanup crews will be parking their barge and their floating school right at the festival grounds. So bring a chair, bring a blanket but most all bring yourself and enjoy one of the great scenic festivals in the US. Get all the breaking news by signing up for our e-mail broadcasts. Early bird tickets on sale now!!!"

Jacque & Aaron, I think that this sounds awesome. You should go. For a weekend pass, its $35, but probably much less if you want to go for the evening or a single day. I'll be in DC that weekend or else I'd be tempted to go to Iowa and go with you. Click here to find out more information, but before you do that, check out the lineup. Sounds like fun:

The Black Crowes
Susan Tedeschi
Umphrey's McGee
Martin Sexton
Scott Biram
Alejandro Escovedo
Bo Ramsey
Hackensaw Boys
Junior Brown

The Gourds
Ernie Hendrickson & The Make Believe
Li'l Bryan and the Zydeco Travellers
Family Groove Company

Monday, July 24, 2006


"But, brothers and sisters, what keeps us from knowing and loving Him more? Our reluctance to give away all our sins—thinking, instead, a down payment will do. Likewise, our reluctance to let our wills be swallowed up in His will—thinking, instead, that merely acknowledging His will is sufficient!" - Neal A. Maxwell
Click here to read the entire talk.

Some pictures from Divernon

Here are some pictures from my cousin Mike's wedding in Divernon, Illinois. Congratulations to him and Erika! I'm so glad that she is finally a part of our family.

Michael & Erika Campas after the ceremony

Me & Grams

The Presbyterian church in Divernon, Illinois

Theresa, Megan, & Me. They are the most awesome cousins ever! I love them!

With Ryan, Taylor, & Cameron before I left. They are so cute!

Cute Stationary

Click here to see Emma Rose's lovely custom invitations/stationary. I love it. This is my favorite.

Happy Pioneer Day

Unfortunately for me, I didn't dress like a pioneer today and convince my boss that today was a religious holiday and I should have the day off. She said that with the pioneer costume, I would have been a bit more convincing. So happy Pioneer Day to everyone. Here are some pictures of my famous pioneer ancestors, William Clayton & Ruth May Fox. I am deeply grateful for the contribution they made to my life and to so many others. These two both left their homes in England in the mid 1800's to join the Saints in the United States. William Clayton was the secretary to the prophet Joseph Smith in Nauvoo, Illinois and after Smith's martyrdom, he walked across the plains with his family to Utah. While walking across the plains, he wrote the famous hymn: "Come, come, ye saints." Ruth May Fox came to the United States with her father at a young age after he mother died in England. She worked as a child in Philadelphia and as a teenager, took a train to Missouri with her father and continued with a handcart all the way to Utah. She has always been a huge example to me of faith and endurance amid extreme hardships. If I had some fireworks here at my desk, I'd set them off right now.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Corn fields

Well, I'm back at my hotel room right now after spending an entire day in Divernon, Illinois. The weather has been great and I have had an AWESOME time with my cousins. They are all such wonderful people; I consider myself an incredibley lucky girl to have them in my life. I have some good pics; there's even one of me taking out a 10 year old to grab the bouquet...but she got it in the end. Drat! Getting closer, getting closer. I'm officially the only single one now in my entire family. Alex is the only exception, but he's still in high school so he doesn't really count. I love being here with everyone. And guess what I saw tonight?! A firefly!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Things that make me happy

I saw that this was released on DVD this past Tuesday. And it makes me I thought I'd share. I'm not wasting my money on it. yet.

Great greeting cards

I found these hilarious greeting cards today and I thought I'd share one of the bunch with you. Click here to see more and even better, where you can buy them.

The middle of nowhere

Tomorrow morning I am flying to Springfield, Illinois and will be spending the weekend in Divernon, Illinois. Why, you ask? My cousin Michael is getting married and since we're that kind of a family, I'm going to support him. I'm not sure if I'll be blogging or not while I'm there, but you can bet there will be pictures for you when I get back, if not before. I'll be sharing a hotel room with my rad Grandma LeOra. She's 92 and she'll definitely be out-dancing me at the dance-off we're sure to have on Saturday night at the wedding reception. I'm not kidding.

Things I want

Found this on ebay. I want it. Our table isn't big enough. After the Encinitas Labor Day trip is over, I'm going to look into getting something like this...but I may have to find a magic elf to help me put it together.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Manicotti Recipe

Well folks, for those of you who'd like to have the recipe to Cyndi Staheli's famous manicotti that I have claimed as my own for many years now, here it is:

1 lb grated mozzerella cheese
12 oz cottage cheese
3 eggs
2 jars spaghetti/pasta sauce of your choice
1 box manicotti noodles

Mix the cheeses and egg together in a bowl and stuff the uncooked noodles with it. Its best to use your hands. When noodles are stuffed, place in a 9 x 13 pan that already has a can of pasta sauce in it. When all noodles have been stuffed, pour remaining jar of sauce over them and put remaining cheese mix on top. Bake at 350 for 1 hour. Scrumdidliumscious.

50 Things that I love

1. Laughing so hard that I have tears
2. Warm summer nights
3. Big comfy sweaters
4. Kisses in the rain
5. Waking up completely rested at 7 am on a Saturday
6. Warm cookies and cold milk
7. Babies
8. Frozen hot chocolate from DQ
9. When you get a pedicure and they paint flowers on your big toes.
10. The smell of vanilla...reminds me of a good friend from long ago.
11. Peter Breinholt concerts
12. Lying on the beach in cold or warm weather.
13. Rosy cheeks
14. Slow dancing with a special guy
15. Salsa from Tommy's Mexican Restaurant
16. Popping fuscia buds.
17. Reading my scrips in the morning before work.
18. Flying back to the US from a foreign country. God Bless America.
19. Surprising someone you love with something cool.
20. Dancing the polka.
21. Fireflies
22. Holding hands with someone
23. When someone tells you that they love you
24. Hearing a song that makes you want to dance.
25. My Grandmother's chocolate chip cookies
26. Cuddling
27. Singing in the car
28. Being wrapped up in the pink flannel blanket that my mom made me when I was young.
29. Receiving flowers
30. Little presents
31. When someone comes up to you and says "Have you lost weight?" and you haven't.
32. When the person you like, likes you back
33. Long showers
34. Dogwood Flowers
35. Stouffers Lasagna
36. Being with friends
37. Laughing with family
38. Listening to the rain and reading a good book.
39. Water fights in the summer
40. Live music
41. My "spot" in Novato
42. Home made things
43. Personal notes
44. Flip flops
45. Rexburg, Idaho
46. Skiing on Christmas Eve with my Dad & friends
47. Cute things
49. Ice water - weird, I know.
50. Going on a walk.

Ok your turn.

No cavaties

I went to the dentist this morning. I was afraid that I'd have some cavaties due to my stress levesls the past few months or due to the fact that I've renigged on my vow to never eat sweets again. I have weird feelings towards dentits now due to my close relationship with more than a few of them, but I was happy that I didn't have any cavaties or that I don't need a root canal. Hooray. Here is a pic of one of my teeth:

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My next trip

Well, this is what I'm saving up for. If you want to get a larger shot of what I'm planning on doing, click on the picture and it will enlarge. By the time I have the money saved and can take a year off of work to do this, I'll let you all know. Anyone want to come with me? I also need to give credit where credit is due. I found this link on Jordan's website. If you'd like to plan your own trip, click here.

Monday, July 17, 2006

She hates me

When I first moved to San Francisco, I had no idea about the demographic of people who I'd be going to church with. I knew that there was a dental school here in the city, but who knew that I'd know what a lateral is two years later and be able to get something off my tooth when someone says "Its there on your lateral." Hm. Along with the demographic of dental students, there used to be a very large population of women in their 30's. This number has been decreasing over the past few months as some have moved away and others have started attending family wards(even though the age of our ward is 18-35). Let me first say that I moved to San Francisco from Provo, where I felt old at 22. Looking back I think that that is quite hilarious, but that's beside the point. So the very first day that I went to church, I went to eat dinner at Break the Fast. I didn't know a soul. Two very nice girls invited me to sit with them. We talked about how I didn't have a job and what I wanted to do, and I asked one of them how long she'd been in San Francisco. When she said 8 years, it took me off guard. She looked like she was 25, so I said "Oh, how old are you?" Oops. Honestly, she stared at me. Never answered. We've never spoken since that day. I felt like an idiot, so I got up from the table and left the building. I had no idea that she was so bitter and I didn't say anything rude! So I'm here to tell you all today that I looked up her age on LDS Linkup and she's 34.


I found out yesterday that I am going to be an Aunt for the 4th time. Cross your fingers that it's another little boy...because my bank account is starting to have pains just thinking that it could be a girl. Time to pay off the credit card. Congratulations to Allison & Jared! We'll be finding out next week when she's due, but she thinks it will be in February or March.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Saturday

8:00 am hit snooze for the first time
8:30 am convince myself to get out of bed even though I went to 2 am the night before.
9:00 am Drop off laundry at wash & fold on Chesnut street (only .75 a pound).
9:30 am pick up Jeff
9:45 am eat breakfast at starbucks and introduce jeff to the banana chocolate chip coffee cake that is SOOOO yummy.
9:50 am Go to target and get stuff that I Q tips.
10:30 am Go to Home Depot to buy rope for Tug of War game
11:30 am Get home, shower, get on our way to Oakland for the Battle of the Bay ysa activity.
1:00 pm Finally get to Oakland for activity and can start enjoying Melanoma Madness since we are out of the city.
3:00 pm had akward encounter with ex boyfriend at activity
3:30 pm Leave Oakland and head back to SF.
4:30 pm Get home
5:00 pm Leave home to play the violin at Rebecca's baptism
6:00 pm Baptism starts
7:00 pm I play the violin while Laura sings and Jeff plays piano.
8:00 pm Silvia suggests that we eat pizza for dinner....and I agree.
9:00 pm pick up Tommy, eat pizza, watch cool tv show.
10:00 pm Teach Tommy how to do yoga inversions in the living room
11:00 pm Talk to Laura about her crush.
12:00 am writing this....

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My day on a boat

Today instead of sitting at our desks, we had a "team building" activity out at a restaurant in Sausalito and on a boat called The Gaslight. I got to work from home until 11:30am when we met up for lunch at Spinnakers and then after our wonderful boat ride, we got to leave at 4:45 to go home. I love my job. We hoisted sails on the boat today, which is about all the team building that we did and from the looks of my face, I got a little sun.

Can't you tell I had a horrible day? Phew...time for bed.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


So...I decided that since Melissa was going to be in Utah for a week in September, and the Fab Four (Matt, Scott, Steph, & Melissa) hadn't been together in FOREVER, (it's been at least 3 years), I bought a plane ticket today and while I'm there, the four of us are going to see Peter Breinholt at Sundance that Saturday. I want to jump for joy. Hooray. I LOVE PETER B!!! AND I love my friends.

Lets not forget about watching Matt dance around like a salt shaker the night before the concert.
Oh how we love him.

UPDATE: I'm an idiot and bought the tickets on the wrong day. Hopefully I can exchange them...or else I'm screwed. CRAP! Anyone want 4 Peter B tickets on Saturday, September 9th?

For the Young Family

Yes Jacque, this post is for you. I've been thinking a lot about how you are Aaron are going to be living in Davenport in about a month...and wondering what in the heck you guys will be doing on the weekends to keep yourselves busy in a place like Iowa. So, as your best friend I will be dedicating some posts about things to do in Iowa. I hope that you use them.

To start off, click here to see a website of things to do in Iowa.

Hootie and my junk (not to be confused with what's in my trunk)

Here are my pics from the Hootie & the Blowfish concert I went to last night as well as a picture of all the stuff I shipped home today. I received a lot of beautiful pens with fur on them and letter openers in the shape of a heart. People are so thoughtful! Oh...and the taco is a really delicious taco that I ate at a restaurant called Cuba Libre that Carlee found yesterday. It was YUM-mee! Thanks to CD for that one!

Third cousins third...well...I wish we were related!

Ok so the Linds aren't my third cousins, but I was on a roll. Glaucia was my roommate at Ricks College and I spent the entire day with her today before I came home from Dallas. What an amazing woman. She's 8 months pregnant with a little girl and she has 19 month old twin boys named Dallin & Carson. They are adorable!! I had such a good time today with them. What a happy cute family. I didn't see Zack today, but hopefully I can see them all again soon. Glaucia, you're still my fave. love you!

Second cousins second

So while I was waiting for Jeff & Stacy to come pick me up, Mike & Becky Hopkins gave me a call and they happened to be about 100 miles outside of Dallas. They had no idea I was in town. We had a Stephanie Zundel family reunion. Gabe is 10 months old now and so stinking cute!! What a happy coincidence!