Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We rode on an island in Rhode Island

Last weekend I went up to Rhode Island with some friends to celebrate Amber's birthday.  It was a very chill weekend and even though it was only a 3.5 hour drive away, Rhode Island somehow still hasn't had Spring.  It was sunny for the most part, so I will forgive Rhode Island for now.  We all put on our jackets and headed out to Block Island on Saturday.  

So maybe Robert and I sang "Part of Your World" for a while up on deck.

Isn't the Southeast Lighthouse beautiful?    I must have sung this song about a thousand times that day.  Which reminds me - you all know this song, right?  Seriously.  If you don't, who are you and how are we friends?

The view of the Southeast Lighthouse from the top of the Mohegan Bluffs.

Instead of shells on the beach there were awesome small granite rocks.  I think we all took at least one as a souvenir.

Robert, me, Amber

Someone gave us directions as follows: "Just take Ice Cream Lane and you'll see it at the end of the road."  I was waiting for her to say "Bundle up in the Peppermint Forest and then the Sugarplum Fairy will help you on your journey."  

We found Colin asleep on a bench toward the end of the day.  

This is the fanciest Weather Bureau I've ever seen.

Unfortunately Colin was already asleep on the bench when we were taking this photo, but here is most of our bike gang.  We rode all over Block Island.

Gifts with Sizzle.  Yep.

Sunday we were back on the main land and went over to The Breakers, which is an old Vanderbilt Estate in Newport.  As you probably already know, I love house tours so this was right up my alley.  There are a few photos of the inside of the house here.

Then we went to The Elms

We also ate some amazing seafood while we were in Rhode Island.  One of my favorites was called a Stuffie, which was a Quahog (clam) filled with sweat bread.  Not to be confused with sweatbread.  It was delicious.   (As was the lobster macaroni and cheese, lobster roll, fish & chips, calamari, clam chowder, etc.)

Unfortunately my phone was dead for most of the trip so I don't have as many photos as I wish I did.  Let me just say that it was so wonderful to just get away for a weekend with great friends where we had lots of laughs, slept a lot.  

For journaling purposes:

2. Segways?  What segways?
3.  We're baaacckkkkk
4. He was her husband, not the grandpa.
5. Hey look, there's a lighthouse!

Dear Amber - thanks for being born.  You are awesome.  Happy Birthday!


Dear Uzi - Rhode Island is quite hilly.  Good luck ever roller blading across it; please wear knee & elbow pads.  xoxo

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Quarter Photo Dump

Have I really not posted any real photos since Christmas?  Shame on me.

Here is a major photo dump for your viewing pleasure.  I was going to try and put these in order, but that is pointless.  Just enjoy.

I inherited/bought a bike when I moved into my apartment last August.  I took it out for a spin last Friday.  Riding down 5th Ave in traffic is exciting - with no helmet.  Such a rebel.

Josh was in town last Saturday and stopped by for a quick visit.  Always good to see him.

Cherry Blossom cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes - from my trip to DC a few weeks ago.

My shellac nails.  If you have not joined this bandwagon yet, why are you not on your way to the nail salon right now? My nails look like this for at least 3 weeks straight when I get shellac.  Worth it!

Jen was under the weather last week so I stopped by to see her and brought her presents of toys and Doritos.  The best part of this photo is Cassie in the background talking to the cat.

Speaking on animals, my coworker brought her dog into the office and I cuddled with him for a long time.  It looks like I was choking him, but we were just cuddling - I swear!

I went with my coworkers to Ellis Island.  To quote a friend, "I found myself on a boat full of a lot of other hopeful, sweaty people."  Lady Liberty never gets old.

Grand Hall at Ellis Island.  At least I think that is what they call it.  

Green bagels on St. Patty's Day

And then a Shamrock Shake.  

I went to New Hampshire for a winter getaway and our room was infested with ladybugs.

View of the backyard
no comment.

Andrea, me, Ashley.  Love these girls.

First day wearing sandals.  yay

Hot Chocolate at Cafe Gitane

Kirsten was in town and we went on a chocolate chip cookie tour of New York - we are so spontaneous!  
Mike Mahoney came to town and we stopped at Gray's on the way home from church.  See you in hell.

The Milk Carton Kids concert with friends - they were great.  Find their website and download their albums for free fifty free.

Chilling with Kirsten at the High Line.  Winter isn't the best time to go there, obviously.

Ballet at the New York Ballet.   I love those lights - huge diamonds!

I went home for a weekend and here I am hanging with Hannah. 

Daniel tries to eat candy while wearing a face mask.  Menos eficas.

Becca, me, and Jess.  I love these girls.  They are so grown up now.  

It was my coworker's 29th birthday so we surprised her with 29 balloons to help with the depression.

Jen teaches me about fun cooking things like how to make the perfect sauce.

On Valentines Day I went out with friends to a fun little bar that felt like we were in Alabama.

And played a little ping pong at Spin.

Me and Uzi in Utah.

I love these people.  Dan, Kristy, Rick, Me

The reason I went to Utah in February.  Josh's wedding!

The gang from Charlotte - I have known all of these people for nearly 25 years.  So great.

My outfit for the wedding

The Cloisters

Tapestry at the Cloisters

When I was in Utah I went to see Tara.  The time I get to spend with her is never enough and it always just feels like no time has passed.  Oh how I love her and her adorable family.

Tara and I went shopping and her son just wanted to hang out.  Literally.

Hanging out with Juliann at Cafe Rio in Maryland.  I love that she is on the East Coast.  So much.

Aaron and Melissa at 8 months pregnant!
Liney, Anita and I getting ready for the race in Miami

Remember when I ran the Miami half marathon in January?  Pretty good for the finish line, I'd say.  One of my better race photos.
Karaoking with Rick Buck is one of my favorite things in life.

Amber & Toby
Chinese New Years Lion Dance
I went to a few new restaurants for restaurant week and David Burke Kitchen really hit it out of the park.  Here is my red velvet sundae.
Brody and I trying some tasty Macaroni and Cheese - in fancy macaroni noodle dishes.
The New Museum had a slide exhibit in January.

The Wazzaa from Norma's may be the tastiest thing I've eaten for breakfast in years.
Just on my way to dinner....

I took baby Liam some Easter treats when he was just about 2 weeks old.  I love that little guy!

What happens when you're bored at work.

A huge topic of discussion for me and my friends lately has been skin care.  My bathroom cabinet has many a product in there.  Yikes.

Looking all fancy before a lunch date last week.

My obligatory Easter Sunday photo.  Please ignore the huge stain on the front of the dress from my sweet potato casserole.

For my SF friends - do you recognize anyone in this photo?  ahck!

Erin's goodbye party.  So sad she moved to Utah!

I have been playing a lot of Draw Something and this one cracked me up.  Heather's drawings are always great.

Jessica came to town for St. Patrick's Day and we had a great time hanging out around New York!
New Years Eve Midnight Run in Central Park.  I love this town.

Fireworks at midnight on NYE.
I took brownies to work one day and I ended up talking on the phone at Starbucks later that night and realized how pathetic I looked sitting there with an empty plate of brownies.

Me and Alicia getting ready to run in Central Park.

Seen in the West Village.

One of my favorite sights in New York City - Traci.

Knife skills class.  Erin looks vicious!

"There are fish in it." - Russian Tea House during restaurant week.

Me and Lusty

All in all, life is good.  There has been some random drama lately but nothing too major.  Same old stuff, right?  The men I seem to get mixed up with are quite dramatic.