Thursday, May 26, 2011

List Day - May 2011 Edition

  • Yesterday I was gchatting with Uzi and I started to tell her a really horrible (read: sick) joke and I totally screwed it up. And I cannot stop laughing about it. Seriously - still laughing as of this morning. If you want to know the joke, email me.
  • My coworker just told me that instead of dying her hair as often as she needs to to cover her gray hairs, she colors them with a sharpie. Apparently this lasts for at least 2 washes.
  • Speaking of dying your hair, I am blonde-blonde again. Love.
  • Last night when I got my hair done, they charged me $45 to blow dry my hair. Oh, New York.
  • I am going to Duck Beach tomorrow for a week. I have been squealing in delight for a week straight.
  • Go here and vote for me again. Polls close tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who has already voted for me. :)
  • I started taking a running class once a week. There was a girl that I was running with for about 20 minutes when we finally started chatting. She's from the UK. boom.
  • Uzi and I have been on a roll for a few weeks now - I have a feeling that this weekend at Duck is going to be out of control. If you are going, you have been duly warned.
  • And now, pictures!
  • This woman was in my travel group when I was in Galveston Island a few weeks ago and she showed up to do site visits all day looking like this. Please keep in mind that she was at least 60 years old - her legs were hairy and had major age spots. We were all dying all day. Lucky for me, lots of people took photos and then sent them to me.
  • When I was in Houston I was able to spend the evening with Karen and Victoria and it is always like no time has passed. They are my proof that no one you meet is a coincidence. Seriously - I met them in Italy when I was 21. The second photo is Victoria's daughter Sara. Isn't she gorgeous? She is a junior in high school.

  • The Brodster at Coney Island.
  • A pic of me running the Brooklyn Half. This was at mile 13 - I was pumping away to finish that darn race.
  • My nephews and niece are hilarious - I was skyping with them the other day and they were going crazy, so I took some photographic evidence. Just to be clear, Hannah was showing me that her skirt had surprise shorts underneath.
  • I went to the ballet the other night to see the American Ballet Theater's rendition of Don Quixote since a few friends from church are in it. Great show - can I go to Spain this summer please? The chandelier at the Met is so gorgeous.
  • My dad sent me this picture the other night of my niece washing the porch at my Grandma's house. I wish I were there to hang out on the porch for a few hours.
  • I saw this the other day and sent it to Rachael but I thought it was worthy to put on le blog. Hilarious. The next time someone asks me to do something that I don't want to, I am just going to send them this photo. For reals.
Smooches to you all. I will be back in a week and will be very sunburned. Please don't tell my dermatologist.

Good day.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

For the record

This weekend has been quite full - which isn't shocking. I just wanted to say publicly that yesterday I wanted to take New York City and kiss it on the mouth. The weather was amazing.

I decided on Friday afternoon to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday and so on Friday night I worked my shift at the temple (which was wonderful and so needed) then giggled like a little girl at the cafe under the temple with my friend Karen for about an hour afterward. I stayed up entirely too late that night and after 3 hours of sleep, got up at 4:30 to catch the 5am subway out to Brooklyn to run a race that I had not prepared for. Well, it was my 2nd best half marathon ever! I didn't get a medal at the end and the race ended at Coney Island (which may as well be Kansas, it is so far away) but it was a great way to start a Saturday. The rest of the day was so amazing. Weather wise, it was the best day of the year so far. Warm, sunny, not windy! I went to lunch/brunch with a good friend, saw a wonderful movie (Midnight in Paris), went to some church meetings in the evening and then to dinner with some of my closest friends in New York. Unfortunately I went to bed at 2am last night, so I was up for 22 hours straight and then had church earlier than usual today.

I just wanted to make sure and record this so that come July when I am cursing New York and begging to move back to San Francisco, I will be able to remember.

Carry on.

Monday, May 16, 2011

You want to see me in action?

Part of the reason I have been so busy lately is because I have been preparing for this.

Help a girl out and go vote, "like", or leave a comment and tell your friends.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sleep is not my top priority, obviously.

I've been all over the place lately - going from one island to the next.

From here:
To here:

In two weeks I'm going here:

And in a month I'm going here:

If there is radio silence in the meantime it is because I am going to the gym when I'm not here:

or here:

or here

or here:

or here:

Now you know why I can barely keep my eyes open today after hitting up the gym at midnight - and it is only Tuesday, folks. Seriously - midnight.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In which I inundate you with photos from my phone from the last 2 months OR Dear Mom, I have friends.

I'm not sure if you really care that I dropped out of the blogging world for a while or if you have been waiting breathlessly for my next update. I'm also not sure if I want you to answer that question.

Since I'd rather focus on me instead of telling you about the 13 couples I know who have gotten engaged in the past month or so, I will tell you how bad I have been at blogging and that I'd like to make it up to you by giving you a complete tour of my iPhone photo album. This may or may not be in chronological order.

A while back I went to a burger place called "Rare" at the Hilton Fashion District and let me tell you about the sliders I had and most especially about the maple honey fry dip. I swear to you, liquid crack in a small metal container. Chad would agree with me that it was the most delicious dip I have ever put into my mouth. Oh and the sweet potato fries. Yum.

My company moved into a new building a few weeks ago.

I got on a cooking kick and decided that I wanted to try my hand at spaetzle. It turned out well, I think; however, it looked like chicken nuggets. I shared some with Stef and she put ketchup on them and just pretended that they were nuggets and seemed pleased.

Remember when I ran the DC half marathon a few weeks ago? Although I am trying to block it out, I thought you would enjoy the following photos. You might recall that I am usually smiling in race photos - at least I try to smile or run or look athletic in some regard. At mile 9, my entire body cramped up and I couldn't run. And when I say couldn't run, I mean that I almost laid down in the middle of the road soon after this photo was taken due to the pain. So I checked myself into the medical tent and was driven to the finish line.

Here I am though earlier in the race when I was feeling good. Seriously - I wish I knew what the cause of the cramps were. Not the most awesome thing that has ever happened. We were also 15 minutes late to the starting line and so everything was rushed and my sweat pants were tied to a pole in hopes that I would be able to retrieve them later (I did!) and I didn't have my gloves, etc. Not a great start to a long run. I won't be running that race again any time soon...

Later on in the day Juliann came over and she went with Alicia and I to the National Mall where I would fulfill one of my lifelong dreams by flying a kite by the Washington Monument. Lucky for me it was the Kite Festival weekend and so they were selling kites at the souvenir stand right off the monument. Best $10 I have spent all year, I must say. I also want to come back with my kite when it is warm.

And it was also during the Cherry Blossoms!
I took this on my phone - isn't it great?

And on to Baked and Wired for cupcakes! The line at Georgetown Cupcakes was down the block and I thought that this place was very good as a second option.

I love these two ladies - I am so glad to be within a few hours of them both. Spending the day with them around DC was fantastic.

Me and Mauri after church on Sunday

Melissa and Kristen came to New York during General Conference weekend and during the afternoon on Saturday we went to Serendipity's since Kristen hadn't ever been to NYC before. In case you are curious, I had the chili. It is reasonably priced and quite delicious as far as chili is concerned. I mean - it isn't my mother's, but it is really good.

I started going to an exercise class called "The Refine Method" since my friend Katie is training to be an instructor. Soon after this photo was taken, I was hardly able to walk. This class kicks my trash. I really really really like these girls, too. Added bonus.

One Saturday I ditched Miss Jill at the temple so that I could catch up on my sleep, so she came over afterward for breakfast. I made up a concoction for sweet potato pancakes and they weren't too bad. I think that if I had a blender they would have been better, but I have no room for appliances as large as blenders; don't be ridiculous.

After breakfast, Stef showed us one of her "Stupid Human Tricks" in which she stands on several books and can still put her hands flat on the ground. I can barely get my fingers to graze the carpet when I'm not even standing on anything, so this is truly a human marvel in our home. Good job, Stef. I am impressed.

Josh Porter came to town and it was so great to see him! I will even forgive him for making me go to Times Square.

Then I was off to LA for my 2nd Ragnar Relay. Please look closely at the elevation chart of the first 5.4 miles of my total 18 over the weekend. I power-walked past people who were trying to run those hills - thank you for the awesome walking muscles, New York.

We drove past the San Diego LDS temple on our course early Saturday morning.

The relay finished at Coronado Island on Saturday afternoon about 4pm - we had a great team and although I was crabby and tired most of the time, I loved being with everyone.

On my way home I ran into a bunch of friends in the airport. Bryan was one of them - I was missing him in Huntington Beach and then bam! I run into him in the Salt Lake City airport. I love my weird life. He was on his way to Arizona from Chicago - it isn't like he lives in Salt Lake, so it is doubly weird.

Since I had a few hours on my layover, my parents came up to say hello and buy me a snack. So nice of them to come up for just a few minutes.

Then Becca got married and I was very sad that I couldn't be there. I have known this girl her entire life and love her to pieces. So happy for her and Josh.

Beverly came into town for her birthday over Easter weekend and we did all sorts of things around New York that I hadn't done before. We hit up the Lower East Side Tenement Museum which I would recommend if you are into history and especially New York history. Around the corner was a bakery that caters to people who need gluten-free and vegan desserts. I wasn't crazy about mine, but it was fine for not having real ingredients in it. :)

On that Saturday morning I ran the New York Road Runners 4-mile race in Central Park and there was a moment before the race started that I was standing in the pouring rain in 40 degree weather when I thought to myself "Damnit, I am an athlete." Watch out, World. I have finally decided to embrace it. It was my fastest race ever. I figured that if I ran a full marathon in similar conditions, I could do 4 miles without a problem. I was right. When I got home, Beverly got a picture of me. It took over 24 hours for my coat to stop dripping water - I was seriously so wet.

In the afternoon we hit up the American Museum of Natural History since I hadn't been there before. Lots of interesting things. I can't post my favorite picture here since this is a family-friendly blog, but if you want me to text it to you, let me know and I will send it to you. Taking pictures with the sculptures from Easter Island only seemed appropriate for Easter weekend.

That night we went to Zigolini's in Hell's Kitchen and it was delicious.

Sunday morning we had a really nice Easter service at church. Since I've always been in too much of a hurry to snap a photo of the temple myself, I stole the one that Beverly took. This is where I go to church - and it is also the temple. I only live a few blocks away, so this is a really awesome thing in my life.

On our walk home, Beverly took a cute picture of me in Lincoln Center. Mom, I wore heels to church, don't worry - I just had these in my bag to walk to/from. Bev, thanks again for coming to visit me!!! Sure love you; I am so lucky to have you in my life.

I met up for lunch with Traci, Dani, and Brody the other day at Bryant Park and outside the library, there were people trying to spread awareness about World Malaria Day or something, so they had someone dressed as a large mosquito. Only seemed appropriate that Traci would take a pic with him/her. Dear Traci - don't go. Love, me.

Where was I at 5am on April 29, 2011? Please see below.
Also, I was lucky enough to have Rachael in town, so I was able to sleep over at her hotel and watch the entire spectacle in bed that morning with her. As I told someone tonight, you think that you are fine but then a friend comes to visit and they fill this huge hole in your heart that you didn't realize was there. I talk to Rachael every day, but I cried a few times when we were together just from gratitude. Love you, girl.

Right now I am in Houston for work and the last few days have been spent in Galveston touring the island. My favorite part of the day was when we got to go behind the scenes at the aquarium and they pulled a penguin out of the exhibit and we all got to be really close to it. So cute!!

And lest I leave anything out, I did go to Charlotte last weekend for Becca & Josh's wedding reception. I have a few favorite moments that I'd like to share:
  • All of the time spent with Brandy and her family - all of it was great, but I really loved playing cards with her son Jacob and Brandy calling him out when he tried cheating. He is 6.
  • I dropped by the Gunson's house unannounced, walked right in and had fried chicken with Doug & his parents as if it happens every day. I love them so much.
  • Jacque came up from Charleston with her two kiddos to see me and she gave me an awesome massage - seriously. My favorite moment though was when Connor gave me a big hug and kiss. Thanks for coming to visit me, Jacks. I am still hoping we can have adjacent backyards in the near future.
  • I really love that I still think of Charlotte as "home" and everyone that I know there treats me as if that is the case. I saw so many wonderful people at the wedding reception that I hadn't seen in a very long time; I just feel so grateful to have been surrounded by such wonderful people when I was growing up.
This post is missing some photos - you know who you are if you have photos that you haven't shared with the group yet.