Thursday, June 20, 2013

the dead neighbor who is probably reading this now from the other side

I was telling someone the other day about the neighbor who lived kind-of-next-door, kind-of-inside-the-house in San Francisco. If it was you, please make yourself known. I asked Rachael today what his last name was so that I could see if I could find his psychic hotline site again. I just searched for the following terms in my gmail and found these gems of conversations that I had with Rachael in years past about him.

From February 2010:
12:56 PM me: rachaelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Rachael: hello steph zundel
12:57 PM me: how is utah
Rachael: it's good
why do you hate jean marie
12:58 PM me: so last night at like 10
1:01 PM i was putting some paint away on the kitchen counter
please keep in mind that i was the only one home last night
so to close up the paint, i hit the hammer on the lid like 2 times - and the lid is plastic
so it wasn't loud
and he banged on the wall a bunch of times
so i said out loud "oh yeah?"
and i turned on the dishwasher
1:02 PM this morning at 5am he was throwing things around
good times
Rachael: hahahahaha
he's so lame
me: yeah he's a gem
Rachael: but that's awesome that you did that
me: good thing you weren't in your room
i mean
it woke me up
at 5am
him slamming doors, etc
1:04 PM Rachael: we would have fought back together
slamming doors
and hitting the wall
that would have been fun
me: a real party

I moved to New York at the end of September in 2010. A few weeks after I moved, Rachael reported to me that there was an odd smell coming from the entryway to my old house and that our mail had been piling up for a few days. It was quickly guessed that there was something dead in our neighbor's apartment. Possibly him.

From October 2010:
Rachael: I have no update
but the smell is still strong
me: ohmy
the police haven't taken away a body?
9:59 PM Rachael: i just got home
and there seems to be no change
in situation
me: eee
10:00 PM Rachael: i should go knock on the door
and then bust in
so you can put it on your blog
me: bang on the wall and see what happens
i can call his psychic hotline
should I?
Rachael: um yes, obviously
me: what is his last name
i can't remember
10:01 PM jean marie.......
what is it
10:02 PM Rachael: carroll
me: yes
Rachael: it took me a minute
10:03 PM me: he isn't very old
born in 48Rachael: jean marie!
do not be dead!
(but please stop banging on the wall)
10:04 PM me: ok so on his website, it says he was on there 2 days ago
Rachael: oh ok
so maybe he has a dead dog
btw the mail is not sorted again today
maybe he's out of town
and left something for dead
10:05 PM me: look at that apartment!
10:06 PM me: HAHAHA
Rachael: aahahaha
me: I can email him
and say "are you dead?" please bang on the wall if you are not
Rachael: hahaha
10:08 PM me: oh good he has a blog hahah
add it to your list!
10:09 PM me: i am very tempted to leave a comment on his website
like "are you dead?"
but i am afraid that if he is, he will come here and appear to me
Rachael: haha
10:13 PM Rachael: hahaha
you nut case
me: hahahaha
i bcc'd you
me: he knows our names
due to the mail
Rachael: right
that's too much
me: hahaha
Rachael: hahahah
i like it
way to make things happen
as usual
me: we'll see if he responds
Rachael: if he responds i will die
if jean marie is a psychic, he will know that i was going to call but didn't want to pay $15
10:15 PM Rachael: HAHAHA

This is a great example of the insane conversations that Rachael and I have on a regular basis.

Please note that this neighbor that I am referencing in the above chats is not the same as this neighbor. Or this one.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Vacation Goals = Not Met


I did have a taco while I was in Mexico: the night that I arrived.  The rest of my time there was spent laying on the beach, eating delicious food, swimming in the ocean, riding 4-wheelers, or laughing with friends.
Watch this for four hours.  This is what my drive from Phoenix to Puerto PeƱasco looked like.

Mayan Palace Hotel
After a lovely Mothers Day Brunch


Those three little dots in the middle of the dune: Amy, Mark, Javier.

The best part of any foreign vacation.  Seriously.  I love a cold Coca light.
The next portion of my trip was spent in Tucson.  The above painting lives at my friends' house since I gave it to them as a wedding gift about 5 years ago. Turns out, the friend that I modeled with was/is a great friend of the groom and since I was/am a good friend of the bride, I figured it was appropriate that it lived at their house for the rest of its life.  Many great memories though associated with that painting.  I don't think it has a title, but I want to call it "When times were simpler." Circa 2005 - artist is Ed Davenport.  
It was right around the time that this painting photo was taken that I was stricken with food poisoning from something I ate in Mexico.  And when I say that I was probably the sickest I've ever been, it would not be an exaggeration.  By some miracle I drove from Tucson to Phoenix without incident and then laid around the Hawkins' house with my equally ill friend and her kids.  I pulled myself together at least twice while I was with them for 3 days and we even went to their daughter's dance recital in someone's backyard.

Cole came down from the playroom in this costume to cheer me up while I was sick on the couch.
Me and Meghan.  Can't remember the last time I saw her face to face before this day.  Might have been when her brother and I were in love...11 years ago.  She was in high school.  Oh, how times flies by.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Memorial Day

This year, for the first time in 7 years, I did not go to North Carolina for Memorial Day weekend.  Micah and I talked about what we were going to do instead for a while and when it came right down to it, staying close to town was what we decided to do.

On Saturday morning we went upstate to do one of my very favorite things: Historic Home Tour.  I'd heard of the Rockefeller mansion, Kykuit many times since moving here and since it is only about 30 minutes away up the river, we decided to go.  Josh and Carly came with us and it made for quite an enjoyable day.

Might I add that it was freezing cold - I was wishing all morning that I had my sleeping bag coat on.  The house was beautiful, but compared to the other historic home tours that I've been on, this wasn't my favorite. The Vanderbilts were much more extravagent with their money and had dance/banquet halls and beautiful staircases.  The Rockefellers, not as much; though they did have a great old car collection in the barn.

On Sunday I had dinner with some of my best friends in Brooklyn.  I don't know why we didn't get a picture with all of us in it, but at least I did get a photo of the Savages in their matching red pants.  Side note: RED PANTS!  I am just so glad to live close to friends who have become family to me over the last 13 years.  Hopefully soon we can all get together again.

Monday morning came early and off we went again in a rental car to find more adventure.  This time, it was in the form of zip-lining.  The last time I'd gone was here and I wasn't sure how it would be in the good ol' US of A.  Turns out, they are hard core about safety, which I guess is a good thing, but gets annoying when someone checks the harness you're wearing every 5 minutes to make sure it is OK.  In case you're wondering, we went to Hunter Mountain for this.  Luckily a lady that we were with took this photo of me on the last rope and although it looks like I'm smiling, I hope you click on the photo to get a closer look.  Thanks, Shayla, for coming with us!

After our adventure, we went to Woodstock to get lunch.  This is the only photo I got since there was a man on the street with a python and I almost passed out and had to run across the street the instant I saw it.

A few hours and diet cokes later, we were home in our urban jungle and saying goodbye to these fools who moved to Utah for the summer...

Dear British friends - giving you the bird was unintentional.  maybe.

If polygamy ever gets reinstated, ...

...things will get awkward.

el fin.