Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Back, But Who Cares!

The night that my camera was stolen or lost in New Orleans, I lost some pictures that I was sad to never see again. I had a darn good time that night, and during my entire stay, so I've stolen some pictures from my coworkers to make up for the loss of my camera. I'm just glad that I downloaded my fish feed pics. I would have been twice as mad if I would have lost that documentation.

This is me and Coleen. People often ask me at the meeting if she's my sister. I don't really see it in this picture, but maybe we look more alike in real life.

Oh how I wish I could remember what was going on in this picture.
Nevermind that I don't know what I'm laughing at or if I'm dancing, it cracks me up.
It was right about this time that I realized that I was missing my camera. Blast!

This action shot of a bead flying at my coworker's head is the best. It must have been quite early in the evening due to the lack of beads on the ground.

There we are on the balcony above Bourbon Street.

It seemed that no matter how many beads we threw down on to the street, more appeared on these tables. "The Tables of Mardi Gras Plenty" is what they should be called.

laissez les bons temps rouler!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Felted Beads

Last night at the Ladies Activity Club we made felted beads. It was something that I never would have thought to do myself and I loved it. And of course, the company was fantastic as well. You can check out Emily's post on it here.

I was concerned that my beads weren't the same size...

But when you look at all three together, you can't really tell. Aren't they festive??

Rebecca's attempt at Barbie earmuffs, or something like that.

The reason I'm including this picture is so that you can see the bead garland on the wall behind me. If I make a bunch more beads, I can have one of my own. Thanks Allison for letting me take some extra felt home!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Highlights from being Home for the Holidays

As I've already told you, I didn't "do" a whole lot while I was in Utah. My nephews were over at my parents' house quite a bit, so we had some bonding time. One of the first nights that I was home, my nephews found the costume box in the basement. Keep in mind that I have one sister and she has three boys. The costumes that we have are...shall I say, "girly." For the record, in about 15 years when my nephews are bringing girls over to my parents' home, I will be breaking out these pictures for all to see.

Riley, whose costume would be much more effective without the white shirt and tie.

Sam, who I want to call "Maria" for some reason when he's wearing this costume.

And here he looks like some type of wacked out Nun.

It took me a while, but I was finally able to talk Will into putting on my old Spanish dancer costume. On the other hand, Sam jumped right into his mom's old tap dancing costume.

I'm beginning to think that trying on funny hats and costumes runs in the family.
Here I am modeling a wolf cap in Park City the following morning.

And just because she's so stinking cute, here's Hannah who hates my guts right now. Awesome.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I rock, You rock, We all rock.

My most awesome blog-friend-that-I-wish-I-knew-in-real-life, Heather, gave me a "YOU ROCK THE CRIB!" shout-out the other day. Thanks girl!!

Since I'm all about following the leader, I guess I'm supposed to award someone else with this prestigious award. Also, since I happen to be the boss of this blog, I'm going to award it to people who have made a difference to me in my blog world.

1. Have you checked out nienie and her amazing blog? Girl Scout's honor, its the first thing I check every day. It makes me happy.

2. There's no way I could leave Pace & Joy off this list. I started this madness due to their loving encouragement...and because I think that they're awesome. We used to have McBalderdash fairly regularly on their blog and those were good times.

3. Ever need to know what to wear? Emily can help you out. She's also the first blog friend that I ever met in real life. I think she's amazingly stylish and great.

4. Hola Isabel is one of my favorite blogs and I just can't leave it out. Friggin' hilarious.
Check em' out if you haven't already.

And, we're back.

Ok,ok. So we have a little catching up to do. Forgive me for being so slack in posting during the past few weeks month. I mean...I didn't even hardly get out of my pajamas this past Thursday and Friday, or leave the house, and blogging just wasn't on my list of things to do if you know what I mean. I've been relaxing as much as possible since my life is San Francisco isn't so much conducive to a relaxing lifestyle. Anyway. I've enjoyed the time that I've had here in Utah. To start off my trip home, I attended a very lovely wedding of two amazing people, as seen below: Autumn and Dan are very special friends, so I was honored to have been in attendance at their wedding. Such wonderful people and though I don't have pictures to prove it, we have quite the abundance of mutual friends. I guess that happens in Utah more than it does elsewhere. Good times for sure. Congratulations my friends!

The rest of the week was spent baking, getting a facial & massage, playing with my nephews, attending Savior of the World and a choir concert with Matt, eating Thanksgiving dinner with some family, playing Canasta with my parents, reading, and setting up nativities. This year we even went so far as to decorate the Christmas tree while I was here. Its not even December and my mom has everything up and Christmassed out. (At their house this is no small feat, for sure.)

I fly home tomorrow and I can't wait to just be home and have my real day-to-day life back. I'll be back at my desk at work instead of running around a convention center all day long, and on Monday morning, I'll even have my beloved Bette back (more details to come on that). I want to not freeze to death every time I walk outside and just sleep in my own bed for a while.

Most importantly, I am excited to see my friends. Seriously, it has been way too long. It's the 24th of November and I've only been in town 5 days this entire month. If you come visit me I'll make you some hot chocolate, I promise. And I'll be able to post more pictures from my trip when I get back.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A little va-cay is what I need.

I was in San Francisco for about 48 hours before going right back to the airport to fly to Salt Lake. My lovely friends Autumn and Dan were married yesterday here in Utah, so I flew in for the occasion. Lucky for me, with my work schedule lately, I'm able to take the entire week off and not use any vacation days! I have pictures to share from the last few days, but you'll have to wait a little while longer for them. I bought a new camera on Thursday night after losing mine in New Orleans, and I love it. Even though I was sad to lose my camera, I've been needing to upgrade for a while. I have a massage and facial scheduled at 9am tomorrow morning and I am so excited! Seriously...after these last few months at work, I could use it.

My family is having a Middle Eastern-themed Thanksgiving, but we haven't told my Dad for fear that he'll revolt. (He only likes traditional food at traditional holidays.) I still need to decide what I'm going to make. Any ideas?

Thursday, November 15, 2007


A guy emailed me this picture today; he took it of me in New Orleans last week. He called my name and when I turned around, my friend Marc was standing there wearing a boa. I love pictures that capture emotion so perfectly.

Reached My Quota of Bourbon

Bourbon Street, that is. After realizing that my camera was gone forever, I quit throwing beads at random people walking by and went back to my hotel to pack. (At least there was a little silver lining and I ran into my crush while walking back to the hotel.) I packed as quickly as possible and still I got to bed at 1am. When your flight is at 6am and you have to leave your hotel at 4am, going to bed doesn't sound incredibly tempting.

My camera still hasn't shown up, so today I'm in the market for a new one. Anyone out there absolutely love theirs?

I was planning on running a bunch of errands as soon as I got home yesterday, but I laid down on the big red couch at 3pm and didn't really get up until about 5am. So today, I will run errands and get all of those necessary things done before I leave again tomorrow for Utah. I have a facial and massage scheduled for Monday morning, so I can't wait.

In other news, and just in case you're interested, everything work-related in New Orleans went better than I ever could have hoped. I was truly blessed. I work with such amazing people and I can't imagine a job better suited for me. I really do love my job. Speaking of my job, I'd better get ready to go to it. Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bad news bears. Right after this my camera disappeared. Not a happy camper!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mom, this really happened.

Let me preface this post by saying that I am. not. a. seafood. eater. I do want to say though that In the past three years that I've lived in San Francisco, my food horizons have been broadened. I didn't know about pesto or how good Indian food is before I moved to town. How I missed out on these amazing things my entire life is really beyond me. I mean, my family is fairly cultured. (that may be an under-exaggeration)

I've never been a fan of seafood though. I do remember enjoying fish sticks until I was about five and then when my English friend ate my last fish stick, I got mad for some reason and I haven't eaten one since. Those fish sticks were probably the last seafood that I ate voluntarily. In recent years I've been able to handle shrimp and sometimes crab and lobster.

So last week when I was told that one of our company's supplying companies here in New Orleans was going to have a fish feed for us, I was a bit nervous about it. Everyone here is just so nice; I didn't want to be rude and not eat the food that they caught for us on their day off.

A few years ago a guy that I was dating introduced me to jalapeño poppers. For a few weeks there, we were completely addicted. I mean...they are amazing in case you've never had one. After eating a tasty garlic and butter oyster, I saw these beauties.

Its like a shrimpapeño popper. I'm surprised that they don't have these in Hawaii in the shrimp trucks all over the North Shore. Shrimp with a jalapeño, cream cheese, and wrapped in bacon. Yummy.

After eating a few bowl fulls of shrimp, I was ready to move on to the canoe full of shrimp, corn, and potatoes. Wait. Do you see those things?!!!

I never knew that shrimp eyes and antennae were so....large.
Little did I know, that the man standing on the other side of the canoe was waiting for me to dump the food onto his plate.

Nasty little scavengers, aren't they?

This is a better picture of Coleen holding it. Sick.

In this picture I thought I'd surprise MR at the last minute by grabbing a beer.
Sometimes, I think I'm pretty funny.

By far, this was the best party I'd been to in a while. Everyone was having a great time. Fun people, good food, tunes, and in a parking lot, no less. Its the little things like this that make me miss the South.

Seriously, this party was successful without the pretty decor. Check out the awesome lighting. I loved it. It was a fresh seafood free-for-all. I not only learned how to pull the head off a shrimp, but I ate jumbalaya, pralines, sausage, red fish with barbeque sauce, deep-fried turkey, and some squishy-wishy cake.

For sure I ate more shrimp tonight than I have in my entire life combined and I can honestly say that it was worth it. Can I just stay here in New Orleans for good? Tomorrow is my last day and I'm really sad to be going home. Its just so nice to work with people who hug you every time you walk in the room; especially when you just need a hug. And on that note, SF, here I come.

Have I mentioned that I leave again on Friday for a wedding in Utah?

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Why am I loving this video so much this week? I turn on VH1 every morning while I'm getting ready in hopes that its on their early morning playlist.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Believe It Or Not, We Thought This Was the time

This picture was taken of me and Marc today at the Preregistration counter here in New Orleans. My life is a little insane right now and I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since Tuesday!!! Where has the time gone? I haven't seen the sun since last Sunday, I've gone to bed at 8pm two nights this week, and I've been up at 4:30am every day for the past 4 days. Surprisingly, I'm not as tired as I think I should be. I can't wait to just be home for Thanksgiving and be sedentary for an entire week. :)

I hope everyone out there is doing great.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

For the record...

I want to confess that I wasn't exactly looking forward to my trip here to New Orleans. Not necessarily because of the huge meeting that I'm helping run this week or because of the lack of sleep that I get while I am here. Mostly because the last time I was in New Orleans, I didn't love it. I was on my feet the entire time and I got really sick. I did meet someone though and that was a lot of fun, but I'd have to say that that was the highlight of my whole experience. Oh..and the whole voodoo/ghost thing kinda wigged me out too.

But now I'm coming clean and I want to say that this time is different. I went to church on Sunday and everyone offered me rides so that I didn't have to take a cab, and I don't know what it is about the YSA ward here in New Orleans, but I even got asked out on a date. That's 2 for 2, my friends. Both times that I've been to church here I've been asked on a date. I have never been asked on a date at church the entire time that I've lived in San Francisco or even when I lived in Utah, to be honest. (I had to turn him down though because I really don't have time on this trip to go on a date). Although I've been a little jipped out of my usual VIP hotel experience, I came back to my room tonight to a lovely gift basket filled with snickers bars, chips, and wine and an enormous bouquet of flowers was on my desk. All from someone that I didn't expect them from. (Don't get excited though...they were from someone that I work with here in New Orleans). My crush stayed with me at work last night when I stayed a little late to get some work done and it made me smile when he put me in a cab back to my hotel and the cab driver asked me who that nice young man was who I'd been with. Yeah, he's cute. Today for lunch I had a deep friend ham and cheese sandwich "Madame" style, which means that there was a fried egg on top of the deep friend sandwich. HELLO! It was incredible. My coworker even made a picture of the sandwich the screensaver on her cell phone. Truly everyone that I've met has been so nice and enjoyable to work with. I just can't say enough good.

I'm falling in love with New Orleans, Louisiana. Ignore the crap that is on tv and in the newspapers about New Orleans. Come here. I haven't felt so loved in a long time.

This was waiting for me in my hotel room tonight. Too bad halloween was last week.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Well, I made it here to New Orleans safe and sound.

I'm leaving for church in about an hour, and then I'm coming back to my hotel and so help me if I'm not asleep by 8pm. I slept the entire way and even though I had a hour delay leaving Atlanta, it was pretty uneventful. Hooray for that. So far the highlight of my day was when the lady at Starbucks this morning called me "Miss Stephanie." I haven't been called that in WAY too long. Only a few more weeks until I go to North Carolina!!

I'll be busy working here all week, so forgive me if I continue to be a lame poster.
Have a great week everyone!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Stephanie "The Laugher" Zundel

I love family history. Seriously, I could sit on the computer all day long and just look at my pedigree chart. I'm not sure why it fascinates me so much, but I think that I could really be a full time genealogist. This article today in People made me laugh. Really.

In just looking through my pedigree chart, here are some cool people that I am a descendant of:

Eochaidh "the Poisonous", King of Dalriada
Gabran "the Treacherous", King of Dalriada
Ugaine Mor the Great, King of Ireland
Ethelred II "The Unready" King Of ENGLAND
Edward I "The Elder" King Of ENGLAND
Robert "The King's Son" De CAEN
Sveidi (Sveithi) "the Sea King" SVIDRASSON
Eystein "Haardaade"(The Severe) THRONDSSON KING OF HEDMARK
Olaf "The Wood Cutter" INGJALDSSON
Ingjald "Braut" "The Wicked" ONUNDSSON KING IN SWEDEN
Onund "the Land Clearer" Yngvarsson, King of Upsal
Berenger II King Of ITALY - through this one I found out that I am related to David Bowie. NO LIE!

Ok...I could only get back to 1900 B.C. on the Zundel side. (sorry Claytons) Seriously...I love that I have so many "Great"Grandfathers that died because someone murdered them at the throne. No wonder the mortality rate was so stinkin' low. They were killing each other all the time!

So after seeing that so many of my ancestors have awesome names, I have a few questions for you.
1. Who else out there am I related to? Keep in mind that finding out that I'm distantly related to David Bowie is going to be hard to beat.
2. If you had to have a name like this, what would yours be?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

some music to fit my mood.

So it's already November. If you know me personally, you probably know that I'm leaving for most of the month. My car is still in the shop even though it was hit by my crazy neighbor over a month ago, and this morning I received a few calls with less than happy news. I'm feeling good about work though even though I've been completely swamped and hopefully everything will be ok once I get to my meeting.

In lieu of pictures or me going on and on about nothing real important, here is a playlist for you. They are all random songs from my Pandora playlist today, but they're all fitting my mood perfectly. Enjoy.

1. Love in the Lies - Amos Lee
2. To Me - Keaton Simons
3. Smooth Rider - Dave Matthews Band
4. Waiting - Kyle Riabko
5. Rewind - Paolo Nutini
6. Crying Like a Church on Monday - New Radicals
7. I'll Back You Up - Dave Matthews Band
8. Black and Blue - Counting Crows
9. So Long - Guster
10. The Crane Wife 3 - The Decemberists
11. Can't Let Go - Landon Pigg
12. Don't Wait - Dashboard Confessional
13. Bent (Live) - Matt Nathanson
14. Genius Morning - SweetLou

And with that, I'm off to do some shopping. Have a great day, everyone.