Monday, July 22, 2013

NKOTB Concert

I don't know that I have many words for this post.  All you really need to know is the following:

1. Spending $120 on floor seats was the best decision of my life.
2. I could not stop smiling through the entire concert.
3. I am still in love with Donnie Wahlberg.  In related news, I am concerned about my 8 year old self.  I have always loved the bad boy.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer so far

I've been pretty bad about the blog.  Sometimes I wonder if blogs are even a thing anymore.  But alas, it is the one way that I have to journal things that happen to me.  Here is a recap of the past 6 weeks of my life.  In reverse order.  

Last Saturday I hit up a Yankees game.  I have always favored the bleachers over the nosebleeds, but after this game with its amazing view, I think I've changed my mind.  Rooting for the home team is a favorite pastime of mine.  

That morning I went to a service project for church and did things like drag cut down trees down a hill to the curb.  Here is Megan who is 6 months pregnant dragging a tree.  We looked so tough.

I bought some red pants.  It was Friday.  The triumphant return of Red Pants Friday!

Maybe I have this amazing pass that gets me to the top of the Empire State Building.  Just maybe.  I took up Scott & Bryce Porter when they were in town last week.  

Baby Cakes has a non-refined sugar treats and so Scott could eat some.  He hasn't had real treats in at least 5 years.  His face while eating this cookie sandwich = priceless.

{does not require a caption}

I went to Utah for the 4th of July and to celebrate Rita's recent nuptials.  I pretty much cried through the entire party because I am just so happy for her and Dave.  

Always happy to spend time with Uzi.  Sure love her.

I went on a date while I was in Utah.  He rowed me around Utah Lake on a boat that he made himself.  That was a first.

My niece, Hannah, fell asleep in the car like so:

My family went swimming in the Great Salt Lake the day after the 4th of July.  Here's a side view of the beach where we went swimming.  I would totally recommend going, by the way.  Amazing.

And of course my phone had a seizure while we were walking out to swim, so this this is one of the only photos I have of our swimming experience.

My dad and I both have an affinity for Diet Dr. Pepper.  This photo was unplanned.  We are twins.

 Niece, Hannah, demonstrating her tumbling skills during our family firework show  

My fireworks view

And of course I had to have a Tigers Blood snowcone while I was home from the man across from Los Hermanos.  Yum!

Walking home one day in the rain - this is where some friends were married last year.

My recent art project:

I have a standing date with Lynda on Saturdays at McDonalds.  Should I be alarmed that 2 photos in this post have Diet Dr. Pepper in them?

Lynda and I also recently joined a CSA.  I almost don't even know who I am anymore.

Went to another Yankees game where Ty and I dressed exactly like twins with opposite colors.

Some friends hosted a "Classy Potluck" a few weeks ago where we all had to bring classy food items per a course assignment.  I brought bacon wrapped dates stuffed with ricotta.  FTW!  I love these people.  A lot. 

 We had a summer BBQ at my CEO's house.  Next year, I'm bringing the bathing suit.  Amazing.

I waited in line at 5am a few weeks ago for a cronut.  It did not disappoint.  Neither did these ladies.

SB was in town so we had a baby shower for her.  So great to get together with these ladies.  Also, brunch.  That always wins.

I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in November.  I bought the dress on the left.  More to come on that.

Me and Sophie.  We are becoming friends and I haven't even had to tempt her with candy yet.  She is a sweet little nugget.  Currently she can say Mama and Grandpa.  Yep.  Sounds about right.


Jenni + Johnny

Me + Becca

Nathanael + Jonny 
(my two pseudo brothers)

Serenity.  She is the cutest thing ever.

 Now that I've updated the blog, don't get excited that I'm going to do it again any time soon. XO