Friday, May 25, 2012

Quickie for you - with photos!

I'm leaving for Duck Beach in a few hours and we know how good I am at updating the blog with photos from that trip (...).  There has been a lot going on, so here is a quick rundown of everything that I've been up to lately.

1. I went to Brody's graduation gala with him a few weeks ago.  Our friends made us pose on the stairs like we were going to the prom.  Don't mind the weird things in the background - I was on the verge of moving.  Brody is the best thing that has happened to me in years - he's just so great.  If you are single and want to get set up with Brody, send me your resume and I will review and send it on to him for further approval.

2. Scott & Annie got married at the end of April.  I need to write an entire blog post on this because it was such an amazing weekend.  Matt,  Melissa and Aaron (and my parents!) came to town for the occasion and it was so wonderful to be with everyone for a few days.   Matt, my parents and I went to Cape Cod for a few days after the wedding, but it was pouring the rain the entire time so I took about 1 photo over 3 days.

3. I saw the Avengers.  On the train.  At 1am.

4. On an undisclosed day, Ryan and I celebrated him getting a year older with tacos and dancing and boxing.

5. My coworker Debbie got married in New Jersey so some of us trekked out there for the wedding & reception.  We had a great time and now I can officially say that I've been to a Jersey wedding.  There was fist pumping, I swear.  Also, I love my coworkers; we laugh so much together.

6. I went to DC for Melissa's baby's baby blessing this past Sunday.  I am his official fairy Godmother, so I went!  Pics coming.

7. Jessica, my little "sister" had a baby on Monday.  We were texting today about how she is doing and she said that she just feels like she's babysitting.  I love that even at minutes old Serenity has a bow on her head - this is a signature move of Jessica's mom.  So awesome.  My heart just swells when I see this pic.  Congrats, Lovie.

8. Then my older real sister had her baby on Wednesday, little Miss Sophie joined our family.   This photo of Daniel holding her cracks me up.  He has the most expressive eyebrows of any kid I've met.  Hard to believe that he is a big brother now!  Also, my sister has 6 kids now.  !?!?!  How did this happen!?

Hannah is in love with her baby sister.

There are more babies making debuts in the next few weeks, but I made a list the other day and of the girls whose wedding I was in - 90% of them have either had a baby in the past year or are pregnant.  Seriously, people.  Don't drink the water.  

Hasta luego.