Friday, January 25, 2013

2012 Christmas & Holiday Recap

Who even reads this thing anymore to care that I'm a month late on Christmas photos?  I sent out over a hundred Christmas cards this year so if you are reading this, the likelihood that you also received a postcard with the below photo on it is quite high.  Many thanks to Scott, Liz, and Andrea for their help with this.  Seriously.  You guys = the best.

I spent quite a long time in Utah this year for the holidays since my new office is closed for the week between  Christmas and New Years AND someone asked me to stay a little longer for New Years.  It turned out differently than expected, but these kids were as cute as always.  

Christmas Pajamas 2012 - they were all clothed in sea life. You can't see it from the photo, but Sophie's pj's have whales on them.

Not twins - but they sure look like it.  Daniel was sick, hence the mask.

My mom framed pieces of LeOra's tatting for us for Christmas - each of the granddaughters got one of them.  Here is my sister with hers.

Daniel snuggled with me all morning on that couch.  He is the most snuggly.

Hannah got a new doll from my parents...and it is from Spain.  If you ask me, it looks like it is from the Dominican Republic.

Me and Soph.  Soon I will have to bribe her with candy to get her in a photo with me.

Daniel subsequently got in trouble after this photo was taken.  Never fear - he ate the olives.

Be still, my heart!
I wanted to get my hair done for a date while I was home, and Hannah hadn't washed her hair in who knows how long, so I took her with me to get a blow-out.  Aunt of the year!  I am now taking applications for nieces.


And just because he is so darn cute!

Lest we forget Sam who eats cereal with fruit punch due to his weird food allergies.

And Will who has always been my guy.

And Riley who had this clock set and working within 2 minutes of opening it.

I was able to see lots of friends while I was home as well.  Somehow I spent most of every day (for about 5 days) with Rachael and we never got a pic.  (Only etched on my heart!)  Here are some pics of the people that I saw and got a photo with.  Many friends are not pictured.  Boo on that.  Uzi? Kristine?  All you other people? Jane? Sarah? Alicia? Karli? Liz? Why must I be so horrible at taking pics!??

Kim & I's yearly photo.  Some day I will put all 20 years of photos together...

I had dinner with Shelley & Kim 

I played cards with Brent

I lunched with Kirsten (and her peanut)

I hung out with Scott again.  I think that I saw him 3 times in the month of December; a personal record.  Also, Happy Birthday, Scott!

For New Years, I had plans with this guy.  Get excited. (not really)

We skied at Alta for the annual Torch Parade and it was actually really awesome.  Here are some photos that I stole from Instagram since my camera froze to death and the battery died on me:

So yeah - The fireworks going off a few feet away from us while we were on the lift, awesome.  Someone handing me a real live torch to ski down a mountain with, not awesome. Everything else about the Torch Parade, awesome.   Fighting over Noah's Ark in Cafe Rio afterward, not awesome.  Going to his friend's house for a party and playing reverse charades and having him kiss me in front of his friends at midnight, awesome.  Him taking me home early so he could go make out with someone else, not awesome.  

Cheers to 2013.