Thursday, July 23, 2009

and a partridge in a pear tree

day 2 of 109. done and done. that means there are 107 days left until the marathon. ahck.

today i've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a friend. whoa, huge topic, i know. i honestly don't want to get into all the details, but i will say that i am truly grateful for those who have listened to me talk and talk...and cry the last few days. there are people who are your friends because of what you can offer them, but as i've learned in real ways, and as is the case in all meaninful relationships, both parties have to bring something to the table. you have to let yourself be vulnerable and that is sometimes the scariest thing of all.

letting go of relationships that have meant a lot over the years isn't an easy thing to do for multiple reasons. i've found myself talking myself into being friends with someone because i've known them for a long time and because there is history there. well that doesn't make much sense when the relationship isn't building me up and helping me grow into a better person. sometimes saying goodbye is the best thing for both parties. and there you go.

well all this fluff is making me feel a little gooey. time for bullet points --
  • i have taken it upon myself to clean out some of the kitchen cupboards tonight and i found 15 vases.
  • i am having a vase sale at my house tomorrow night at 6pm. come. cheap vases.
  • also, i will be selling mugs. and plastic water bottles. i think a picture is in order. that would be the previously mentioned 15 vases, 18 water bottles, 17 mugs, and 6 wine glasses....and we don't drink wine in this house. well...not that i know of at least. ha if i am getting left out of that party, i will be really ticked.
  • also, there are only 2 of us right now. this is a sure sign of some really hott girls who receive flowers on a regular basis and who are super athletic. as far as the mugs go, maybe rita has a collection that i was previously unaware of.

  • now i have to put them all back. have a good one.

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Karlie said...

Well put. Love the post. Man if only we lived closer. I would take those vases off your hand fo sho. Good luck with the training. If you could barely run down the street at the beginning how did you start? Seriously I want to know.