Thursday, July 30, 2009


  • i love the big picture - and these pictures are awesome.
  • because you might like their taste in music as much as i do.
  • best of the bay, 2009 edition came out today.
  • i officially registered for this race today. yep - in athens, greece.
  • tonight i ate dinner at the house of nanking. the negative reviewers on yelp are insane.
  • earlier today i ate lunch here.
  • tomorrow i am eating lunch here.
  • as many of you have noticed, i have been on a cleaning binge. tonight i made some progress on the bathroom ceiling. and by progress i mean that if i never would have cleaned it, it probably would have looked better. i seriously am considering taking a mop to the ceiling.
  • i am making plans to hike this in less than a month with a group of friends. holy smokes. this is the part that makes me nervous.
  • this video is the funniest thing i have ever seen. i am not even kidding. i had tears after about two seconds. oh. my. gosh. uzi, that one goes out to you, specifically. and my mom. enjoy.


Karlie said...

Hey! Love the video, love the post as always. Greece huh? Some race. I thought of you when I read my friends blog today. Wendy served her mission in Croatia. Have you been? she has layed out travel plans for any one who would ever want to go to Croatia. So if you ever have the desire check it out!

UZI said...

Haa ha haaa, love it!

Who Knew . . . said...

uhhhh, I just looked at those pictures of the hike, gulp, I had no idea it was that intense. Hmmmm I should start training for it. Good thing I live in a 5th floor walk up apartment.

Derek and Ang said...

I think I watched the video 4 times. Totally cracking up!