Tuesday, July 28, 2009


day 6 of training is done. surprisingly, my run tonight was really good. for day 6, that is fabulous. also, i have made some goals for myself. one of the major ones is to keep my room clean. i have some very minor things to do to make that goal really work, but so far, so good. living in a mess only stresses me out and i want no more of it. i should make a goal to get to bed earlier, but sometimes it is easier said than done.

i said goodbye to another dear friend tonight here in san francisco. it seems like everyone is leaving lately. making new friends is fine, but keeping the old ones around is preferable. this is just one of those places i guess. not many stay for long.

i took a joy ride on sunday afternoon with a friend who recently got a convertible. we left behind san francisco, which was 55 degrees and very foggy, crossed the golden gate bridge, and enjoyed the sun in marin for a few hours. seriously, it was 95 degrees less than 20 miles away. yes, my mathematician friends, that would be a 40 degree difference. to celebrate the occasion, we stopped at 7-11 to get slurpees. yes it was sunday and yes, stop judging me. if you drove 20 miles and got a 40 degree difference for the better, you would get a slurpee too. we also found the swimming hole that i've been dreaming about since i went there 3 years ago with my friends mindy and katherine. pure bliss, that place. i need to find some friends who will go with me before the summer ends.

here is the view from the bridge that looks over it.

one of my goals for the future...

live someplace that has summer.

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bex said...

i will go to this waterhole.