Thursday, July 9, 2009

these pictures hardly even capture the awesomeness.

on our way down to los angeles last thursday, i couldn't resist stopping at neverland, which is about 40 miles outside of santa barbara. if you are ever driving down the 101, you should stop by. obviously we picked an opportune time and there weren't as many people there as i expected there to be. the mood there was mixed for sure, but i'm glad we went and witnessed some of the spectacle. we even saw larry king ride by in a car.

and apparently my parents sent a poster. mom, you shouldn't have.

a coworker had tipped me off that there would be posters - not sure how she knew - but i took a marker. i wrote something to the effect of 'mj - thanks for the music. love, stephanie' if you ever see these posters somewhere in a museum, look for it.

we arrived in la by late thursday night and on friday did fun things like go to breakfast and shoot people we didn't know with nerf guns, eat pancake and egg foldyovers, get woken up with breadballs to the face, and see zach in the play he is currently in - thoroughly modern millie. if you are in the santa monica area, check it out and go see it. what an amazing show. i was thoroughly impressed with zach's performance of trevor graydon.

on july 4th, we slept in and played video games to our heart's content. here is a lovely picture of me and zach sitting in the bed that rachael and i made out of zach's couches.

my friend jessica asked me before we went to huntington beach for the 4th celebrations if she could bring her dog. i was hesitant at first, but i think everyone who was there that day in hb would say that they are all glad that we brought the dog. in fact, we named the dog, The Cat. dan loved The Cat so much that he just stuck him in his pocket on our way to the party. please tell me that the below picture is one of the cutest things you have ever seen.

our tune may have changed a bit later on in the evening when The Cat got diahrrea in the car, but overall, it was a pleasant experience. i had such a good time though hanging out with everyone in la. the sun, the laughs, the people; everything about the trip was wonderful. i wouldn't be lying if i told you that i almost teared up when we had to go back on sunday afternoon. and i also wouldn't be lying when i tell you that from now on, i'm flying to la instead of driving.

ps. i also saw a guy who looks just like dave thompson. weird.

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angelabarton said...

Love how you got to go to Neverland Ranch! Wow...awesome. I was actually thinking of you when all that was happening, wondering if you were going to make the trek to see any of the craziness that was going on with Michael. Anyway, love reading the blog!
Love ya