Wednesday, August 12, 2009

swf looking for swm to do chores around the house.

tonight i went to town with the rug doctor. after seeing how dirty the carpet in my bedroom and the living room were, i am thinking that a yearly date with the doctor might be in order.

and i am also counting this as my cross training for the week. three hours of pulling this thing around the house should totally count as a workout. tomorrow i will run 2 miles and count it good.
i realized tonight that i need a man as well as want one. when i had questions like 'how do i know if the outlet is grounded?' and 'do you have an extension cord?', it would have been helpful to have some testosterone in the vicinity. luckily a girlfriend who is familiar with these things was only a phone call away and she loaned me an extension cord and some electrical advice. and yes, i am apparently still in cleaning mode. yesterday, it was the porch. i washed the door and windows, swept and cleaned off the porch, and changed the sheets. oh but i am not even close to finished with heavy duty cleaning mode yet. i still have the living room closet to organize, and four rooms to paint.
i have awesome news tomorrow. so maybe you should come back and check.

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