Friday, October 2, 2009

bullet point friday

this week has been slightly uneventful in a very good way.
  • went to an LAC party and made myself a headband.
  • enjoyed a little tranaoke at The Mint
  • kept Rachael company
  • hosted kristine from palo alto for an evening
  • hosted zach from los angeles for an evening
  • stayed up wayyyy too late every night this week even though I was tired by 8pm.
  • my plans for this weekend include running very far and going to sleep as early as possible.
  • work has consumed me every day this week. but the good news is that today when I left the office, I didn't have any unread emails, and only 1 unheard voicemail. Seriously, this is a vast improvement from Monday. My event is only 3 weeks away, which makes me feel ill. so. much. to. do.
  • I hope your weekend is exactly what you want it to be.


heidikins said...

Happy Friday!

Love the headband, so charming!

Also--GOOD LUCK with your meetings! You're a rockstar!


Joy said...

Adorable headband-- make me one! ;) and your weekend plans probably also include a little Conference-watching as well? Hope you fulfill all your big plans! Glad you'll get to relax soon, at least!

Rachael said...

My weekend will be filled with guilt, hell, fire and damnation. As will yours.