Monday, October 19, 2009

people will yellow personalities have down time too.

Lately I kinda feel like time is dragging on. A few short weeks ago, there were only 40 days until I got to see Darrel again. Now there are only 18. My evenings are spent with my roommate who has broken her clavicle in recent weeks and my 10pm's are full of time spent on a webcam with a cute boy who lives in England. And by the way, webcams are life changing. LIFE CHANGING!

Since Rachael and I have been lying around talking about our feelings so much lately, I guess I just assume that I have no more feelings to share with the internet world. But you and I both know that that is not the case. I don't want anyone to think that my silence is a bad thing either. It pretty much just means that I come home at night and do things like eat dinner and wait anxiously for 10pm to roll around. Everything with Darrel is going swimmingly. I feel no desire to be social with anyone where a real effort must be made. Driving to Palo Alto, out of the question. Getting out of my pajamas? Also out of the question. But please note to my Palo Alto friends, I will come visit if you invite me. And I am serious about that.

Please don't think that I am still lazy in other areas of my life. On Saturday, with the help of Amy & Rita, I ran 20 miles in Golden Gate Park. Yes. I ran 20 miles. I seriously would have laughed in your face in high school (or even two years ago) if you would have told me one day that I'd say that. I am grateful that I will only have to run that distance one more time in my entire life and I'm hoping that the adrenaline will help me finish the entire marathon in less than 6 hours, which is when the route will start to close behind me. In the evening of November 7th, please hold a vigil for me. I will be counting on your prayers. Seriously. In Athens, Greece, it is 10 hours ahead of California, so you do the math and pray accordingly.

Also, my Annual Meeting for work is happening this week and next. Unusually, the meeting is here in San Francisco. That also means that I will be checking into a hotel tomorrow and staying there for the next week. Please excuse me while I do my laundry. 10pm is coming quick.


heidikins said...

This made me smile...and then made every bone in my body hurt at the thought of running 20 miles.

I will definitely be holding vigil for you!


Rachael said...

oh my clavicleeeeeeeee!

Jill said...

What, you have an internet boyfriend??

Karlie said...

Love it all. Sounds happy and fun! Glad all is well.