Thursday, December 17, 2009

almost friday.

How do you feel about a Thursday list?

I feel good about it personally, so here we go.

1. I spent the last 4 days in Chicago. It was cold, but I enjoyed my time there. I did have some photos taken, so stay tuned for those.
2. Yesterday I volunteered to get on a later flight and in return get a free domestic flight. For those who give me a hard time about traveling, this is how this happens. Now have I have 4 flight vouchers to use in 2009.
3. A few weeks ago I had a long talk with an old friend and sometimes it is nice to know that even though you don't talk to certain people anymore, they still love you and think about you. In light of the heavy heart I still have inside of me, this was quite comforting.
4. I will be in Utah skiing with friends in a week. I can't wait.
5. This weekend is San Franidazzle. I've been looking forward to this since December 2008.
6. You could skip ahead to 3:00 if you want to see the best parts. It is no secret that I love the muppets.

7. Kobe Bryant talked to me in the lobby of our hotel the other night of his own free will. He started it; I swear.

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Debsie Doodle said...

4 free flights?! So when are we going on a trip while I'm still mobile?! :)