Thursday, December 3, 2009

Delph-eelings, nothing more than feelings.

On Saturday morning we left in our rented "mini bus" to go to Delphi. (You say that Del-phee just to be clear.) Delphi is a few hours west of Athens up in the mountains. If you want to read up on why we went to Delphi, click here to learn a little more. I would highly suggest it as it was one of the highlights of the entire trip for me.

The town just east of Delphi is called Arachova, but we called it "Greek Aspen" for the rest of the trip. First off, it was quite a bit cooler than anywhere else we went while in Greece and as a bonus, there were furry pillows at the cafe where we ate lunch.

And there were cute little staircases in town...

And then we were in Delphi, checking out the ruins.

Isn't it beautiful? This is a view of the Temple of Apollo with the valley down below. Pretty awesome thinking of all the famous people who went to the Temple of Apollo through the ages. For example, King Midas, Alexander the Great, Plutarch, and Socrates.

Since it is winter, most of the historical sites we went to closed fairly early in the day. So we went to the Bay of Corinth and the water was a little fierce.

On our way back to Athens, we stopped at the Ossios Loukas Monastery. Such a beautiful place. And again, closed just a few minutes after we got there, so we couldn't go inside the church.

So we just took fancy photos outside the church instead.

And then got back in the car and made our long trek back to Athens so that we could carb up before Sunday's race. While we were in the car, we played a fun game where you try to get everyone to name the movie you are thinking of by saying the exact opposite of the movie title. Some of my favorites were "Brotherhood of the Stationary Skirts' and "My Little Skinny Chinese Divorce" haha. We had some good times that day in the car.

And many thanks to our fearless driver, Uzi.


Marilyn said...

What a wonderful trip! My biggest travel wish is to go to Greece. I'm not sure I'll ever get to go, but it looks soooo great.

Brooke said...

That was definitely one of my favorite days, too. I miss our Jumpy and getting lost in those crazy towns. Loved it!