Monday, March 8, 2010


I wish I had something to tell you. Anything.

But nothing is new.

Well, I am working at the temple in Oakland now a few Saturdays a month. I did that for about 6 hours on Saturday. And shockingly, I saw people I knew. And maybe it was a little awkward with one of them. And maybe I will only tell you that story if you ask me about it.

I finally finished a book that I'd been reading for over a month - A Prayer for Owen Meany. If you are looking for a good story, this is your book. It took me a while and although I was tired of reading the same book for so long, I was intrigued by the characters and didn't get tired of it. Apparently the movie Simon Birch was loosely based on this book. I want to see it, but I'm sure I'll be disappointed. I usually am by movies. Books are always better; don't you think? I'm moving on to a few shorter books to make myself feel better about my reading speed for a week or two.

This weekend's highlight was eating homemade pizza and nutella gelato in Alameda with Rachael's friends last night. And maybe all the time that I spent laying in bed reading. And all the time I spent watching my favorite trashy show, The Millionaire Matchmaker. I really am addicted. Judge me if you must. I could use a few more weekends like this last one - getting enough sleep and reading to my heart's content. One thing I can count on though - not having any more of those weekends for the next few months.

Happy Monday.


Uzi said...

oh man, I LOVE Simon Birch. Still makes me cry! There is one part in the movie that had me in tears (different kind) but i'll let you figure it out for yourself!
Enjoy it!

Bud & Kim said...

Sounds like a relaxing weekend.

downtownkellybrowne said...

oOwen meany is my favorite book ever. ever. the thought of hester the molester still makes me laugh out loud. and simon burch was trash after reading the book. i'm so happy you enjoyed it! happy you're working at the temple! happy you're you, my lovely!

Kam said...

Oh Steph I love you! I had to catch up on your blog and I was dying laughing when you admitted to the Millionaire Matchmaker.. I actually watched that last night for the first time and loved it. It was a-mazing. Anyway, if you ever need an accomplice in watching... I'm yours! Glad you are enjoying life. Let's catch up soon.