Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage by Crystal

In December I went to the Martha Stewart Craft Fair in New York City. It was located at the Martha Stewart studio, and I was expecting a lot. I mean. A Martha Stewart Craft Fair should be awesome, right? I was incredibly wrong and I hate to say that it made me think even less of Martha. Really? People selling things that you could have found at the local Goodwill, at a 500% markup. The handmade crafts were all less than impressive and I thought to myself that I could make 95% of the things there myself. I guess that the general idea of craft fairs is to get ideas for your own craftiness, but yeah. Anyway.

The only thing that I was impressed with at the show were these little Victorian-esque doll things. Here. I found you a photo.

They are miniature little figurines and I thought they were awesome. A scarf selling for $80 that I could make myself, or one of these, that takes a little bit more creativity than I'm willing to output. Yes please. And they are only about $20. I'd like to take a few for every holiday, please.

Check out the website here, and the etsy shop here.

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