Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feats of Strength, etc.

Since it is Friday for me today, I might as well tell you about last weekend before I have new adventures to share.

Last Friday, I went to Santa Cruz to spent time with my dear friend Silvia. We spent the evening eating pizza, playing games, and having feats of strength competitions. Yep. And we made videos of most of it.

From April 17 Weekend
From April 17 Weekend
From April 17 Weekend
From April 17 Weekend
From April 17 Weekend

We also did things like "Who can hold the plank position the longest, which I won by far (thank you push-ups!) And this was all going until about 1:30am. I was the only single person there and I had no idea that married people could be such party animals. Seriously. In the morning, I got up and went for a run in the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, which is less than a mile away from their house. While I was on my way to the park, I got slightly turned around and asked a man walking down the road which way I should go to get to the park. He told me that there had been mountain lion sightings in the past few weeks and the park rangers told his neighbor to never run alone. Then he showed me the sidewalk. And I thought to myself that if I really am like Bella, maybe I will:
a) get attacked by a mountain lion and be put out of my misery
b) get attacked by a vampire
c) get attacked but then be saved by a vampire and/or a werewolf
d) none of the above
And I went anyway. Because I laugh in the face of danger.

Lucky for me, within an hour, I was brunching with Silvia in downtown Santa Cruz.

Really, I love this girl. And her family is awesome. Then I made my way to the Oakland LDS temple where I am now working on occasional Saturdays. If you have ever contemplated doing this, get on it. Do it now. You won't be sorry. It is rewarding in a lot of ways. After my stint in Oakland, I drove down to Woodside for another celebration of Kristine's birthday and Liz's birthday. I must say that this is a good action shot.

We went hot-tubbing after this and I can still smell the fragrant water of the hot tub. I know that sounds strange, but it was amazing. Who knew hot tub water could smell so delicious?

On Sunday the weather continued to be gorgeous and after church, Rachael and I celebrated Ryan's birthday with cake and pie. You already saw the pie I made here.

Even on my weekends "in town", I am busy with friends here. I just don't see an end in sight, which is probably more of a blessing than I realize.


Melissa said...

I have been inspired to watch New Moon again :)

RC said...

oh Ryan