Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kristine Hanson.

A few months ago, my lovely friend Kristine sent me an email asking me to sign up for the Warrior Dash in Southern California in April to celebrate her 30th birthday. Apparently you really have to twist my arm to get me to do things with you, so I signed up in the next minute. A few weeks later, Kristy was talked into going. This last Friday afternoon, Kristy, Kristine, and I met up in Los Angeles to help Kristine's 20s go out in style.

Friday, 7:00pm - Cafe Rio in Manhattan Beach. The place was full of Mormons, of course.

Friday, 10:00pm - 12:00am- Karaoke

Karaoke would not be complete without Rick Buck.

The Birthday girl...

Kristy & Zach singing a duet


Saturday, 11am

We went for a mid morning bike ride from Santa Monica to Venice. It was the perfect way to spend an hour.

Then we played awesome games like - spot the mannequin in the window. How many can you spot??

1pm - Met up with a friend for lunch who likes to show off his muscles in front of the ladies...

2pm - 4pm - Sat in the car in traffic on our way to Lake Elsinore for the Warrior Dash. LA traffic is not my favorite thing, by the way.

5pm - 6pm - Become warriors.

The race was a 3 mile run with obstacles all along the way that included things like climbing over hay bales, cars, through tunnels, over logs in the water, etc. The last obstacle was crawling through mud underneath barbed wire. We were super lucky to have our awesome friend Mike there who took some photos of us. Kristine wanted a mud fight, and I think she got it, thanks to Kristy. I bailed at the last second. I think that I was already over being dirty since we'd just been in the lake climbing over logs. Anyway. Below you can see that I did get muddy.

I won't blame you if this is your new desktop wallpaper. We are hardcore.

We even got warrior hats.

And I am happy to report that I think all those pushups I've been doing helped a lot. Wasn't even sore the next morning.

Sunday after church we went to the Getty Museum since we were on vacation. These are good people. Serious.

And inside the museum, we found Bertha's Great Grandma. Zach and I are paying homage to her. Who knew that Pottery Barn got their idea for a couch at the Getty museum??

And maybe there was some drama at the airport Sunday night that I won't go into here because it isn't worth talking about, but we did get to hang out with Zach and Mike for a few more hours on Sunday night after Uzi went home.

Kristine, thanks for being born 30 years ago today and thanks for instigating such a great weekend. You are the best.

And I couldn't say thank you enough to Mike for being so awesome and to Zach and Kristy for making me laugh so hard. What a great weekend.


Bethany said...

Mmmmm ... those pictures of Venice Beach and the Getty make me homesick.

Bud & Kim said...

You gals are my heroes. ;-)