Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Epilator Review

So I've tried all sorts of things for hair removal: threading, waxing, home waxing, etc. I'm going to Mexico this weekend and had been growing out my leg hair so I could get waxed. Unfortunately, the lady who regularly does the job was unavailable before I leave, so I had a few options.

1. Shave
2. Go to someone else to get waxed - this scares me and to go to someone professional who is also cheap is unheard of (except for my usual lady).
3. Use Nair or Veet.
4. Home wax - very messy and not very easy to do on your own.
5. Use an epilator.

Now - lets get a few things straight. I was doing a product review of Nair & Veet when I came across the review for an epilator made by Braun. This specific machine received over 950 reviews on Amazon and got 4.5 stars out of 5. Yep. That's pretty good. So I did some research and here's what I found.

For less than the cost of a wax job, I could buy an epilator. So I called up Bed, Bath, and Beyond to make sure that they had what I wanted, and picked it up after work and within a few hours, I was ready to go.

I knew in advance that it was going to hurt, so I just told myself that I could take it. If I can handle waxing, I can handle this. After doing my own leg for about 15 minutes, I let Amy take over since it seemed easier for me to bear the pain that someone else was inflicting. Below is a photo of both my legs after one of them had been done. Yep, my right leg is super hairy. And my left leg is swollen from the epilation. And pink.

I took a photo of my leg right before I went to bed last night, and although you could think that this was a photo of the Thanksgiving turkey, it is indeed my leg.

And to make you feel a little better, here is my leg today. See? Not red at all and quite smooth.
In all of the product reviews, it was said that the underarms were the worst and I actually did most of that myself without too much pain. I will need some help finishing up the back of my legs later tonight though and it takes quite a bit of time. Remind me in a few weeks and I will let you know how my leg hair is growing out. I am pretty convinced that if I use this thing about twice a week, it will be a lot less painful and keep new hairs at bay. All in all, much like waxing, but a lot slower.

But in case you are wondering, it did hurt. Tonight I will be taking some advil before I begin to help ease the sting a bit. And...AND...many thanks to Amy for her help.

If you'd like to read the reviews on Amazon, click here. They are quite entertaining.


Piper said...

So much better to have a review first hand from someone you know- and the details that others might possibly not share. You are awesome. :)

Bud & Kim said...

Dude...I must be really lucky shaving doesn't bother me one bit. It takes me two seconds in the shower. Granted I have to do it everyday or every other day depending on the time of year but it doesn't bother me. Pain isn't worth it for me. Props to you!

Jeff and Kristy said...

Wow. I hope it lasts a while!