Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Week's Report

This week has been fairly low-key, for which I have been super grateful. I finished reading the book Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner on Tuesday. Have you read it? Definitely one of the most beautifully written books I've ever read. No major drama, no major crisis to resolve - just a good story about two couples who are friends. I really can't recommend it enough. If you are looking for a good summer read, try it. You won't be sorry.

I think that one of the reasons this book brought me a lot of comfort this week was that it shows the beauty of friendships that last through the years. I have felt strongly recently that change is coming. I've been in San Francisco for almost six years and although nothing has happened yet that would call for any type of announcement, I can just feel things churning internally and externally. Get ready world, here it comes. Sometimes the only thing that is constant in our lives is change. Relationships constantly change and even though a relationship might still exist over the years, it morphs and becomes something new every day along the way.

Last week my mom called me to say that my Grandma's condo sold in Salt Lake City. She and my grandfather only lived there for a few years before he died and she moved into an assisted living center close to my mom. My mom asked me if there was anything that I wanted from the condo before they cleaned it out. I already have a painting of my grandmother's and I do have two small blue chairs from her living room, so I declined to take anything else. I just have a photo of my grandparents on my wall at work as a small reminder of the happiness they've given me. Small reminders that I am getting older and that my grandmother is never moving back to the condo are just tugging at my heart strings today.

One minute things feel all nice and stable and the next second, everything is all up in the air again. ...

Anyone want to quit their job and move to Spain with me for the summer?


cropstar said...

Spain? YES!

Debsie Doodle said...

Spain sounds great... If I could bring about 5 carr-on bags for the baby! ;) Great seeing you yesterday... Thanks for stopping by!