Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

1. Went to see Peter Pan last night. It was great. If you are here in San Francisco, you should go. Other than seeing the 3D action and feeling like I was in London and having emotional pain, it was one of the best things I've seen in a while.

2. Last weekend Kristy & Heidi were in town. On Saturday, we went on a walking tour of China town & the California Academy of Sciences with Erica & Silvia.

That evening, we went to see Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla at New People in Japantown. Last showing is tonight, so get on it, people! We were loving the movie so much that we were taking photos of the screen. Rare. Very rare.

And of course we ate at a lot of the hot spots around San Francisco - Bob's Donuts (Please feed me a buttermilk donut on my death bed), MarketBar, La Taqueria, Milano's, BiRite, Gott's(formerly Taylor's Refresher).

3. I signed up for 8 passes at the ODC Dance Commons. I can take 8 classes of my choosing for the next 90 days. Bhangra anyone?

4. I think that Amy and I are going to sign up for a Duathalon. Who is in?

5. Going to Monterey tonight for a work thing that I have tomorrow & Saturday. Good news - I get to see Derek & Angie tonight. Bad news - I'm working in Monterey for the next few days.

6. Bay to Breakers is on Sunday and I still haven't run in it yet. I even made plans earlier this year to run it with someone and surprise - he bailed! Story of my life, people. If you are running in it and love me, call me. We'll work something out.

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