Friday, July 23, 2010

Duck Beach 2010

It seems like every year that I go to Duck Beach, I fail horribly at taking photos. I might take a few here or there, but I am seriously too busy catching up with old friends, laying on the beach, playing games in the pool, or sitting in the hot tub to take photos. That is why I am grateful for 2 things this year: 1. Photo happy friends and 2. The camera on my iphone.

I don't have a whole lot to say about any of the photos other than this year at Duck was so much fun. I think I slept about 10 hours total the entire time I was there. For those of you who have never been to Duck Beach and have inaccurate ideas of what happens there, let me break it down for you into a few easy categories.

1. Spending time with good friends.

Annette, Liz, Steph, and I went for a nature walk by the Corolla lighthouse the day that we arrived, but quickly turned around once we saw a sign for wildlife that included poisonous snakes.

The Scotts and Stephs of Duck Beach.

2. Taking naps in places other than your bed.

This was Mauri at Whalehead Beach after I screamed her name about 5 times. There were hundreds of people around her - even if you can't see them, she was in the middle of them.

Brent took a break from playing cards and within seconds, he was out.

Sunday afternoon nap in the hammock.

3. Chillin' in the hot tub.

This is the default location. People will be there at any given time during the day. This year I danced in the hot tub, had "pillow talk" with Mauri in the hot tub, and spent a lot of time there every day and sometimes at night after a skinny dip in the pool.

I don't know what Michael is doing in this photo, but it took me by surprise.

And by the time we took a group shot, I seemed to be ok with it. PS - been at Duck with all the people in this photo for multiple years. love them. squee!

4. Games!

Volleyball on the beach on Saturday. Don't be fooled - I didn't touch a volleyball. I did watch some people play though.

The toothpick game was the crowd favorite this year. The basic idea is that someone jumps into the deep end of the pool with one less toothpick than people. When he/she comes up, they yell "diver up" and the players are allowed to turn around and try to find the toothpicks in the pool. You must grab the toothpick upon jumping into the pool or you have to get out and try again. We played this for HOURS every day.

More toothpick game.

Indian leg wrestling for the newly vacant bed. As you may have seen before on this blog, I dominate in this sport.

Going to community baseball games.

The best things about this game were when Brent "almost" got hit by a foul ball while he was in the bathroom. The ball almost hit me in reality, but if he would have been sitting next to me instead of in the bathroom, he would have been in the line of fire. Brent, we are glad you are still alive. Also, Christian won a raffle and won $80 so he bought pizza for everyone in our house.

5. Posing with stupid inanimate objects from the house.

6. Sunday dinner

Sunday dinner caused quite a bit of drama this year, so I couldn't blog about Duck without mentioning how delicious these chicken breasts were.

7. Laughing at your funny friends.

"Sorry guys for being late; I was on facebook."

"Now everyone lunge to the car!"

"And when the cop car lights went on, everyone scattered like cockroaches. I was pushing girls out of the way."

"Oh, this conversation is going downhill fast."

"I've been trying for five years to catch crabs on this beach. It's not going to happen now."


erica said...

wow, it looks like a lot of fun!!!

Justin and Silvia said...

yes I agree !! it looks like you guys all had an amazing time !!