Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Minute Utah Trip

On Friday, my dad called me at work and asked me if I'd be willing to go to Utah that evening to attend Arnold Friberg's funeral on Saturday and represent our family. To which I responded "Of course." Off to Utah I flew after packing my bags for approximately 10 minutes.

Being in Utah is sometimes challenging because there are so many people that I want to see and talk to. Also, when my parents are not there, I don't have access to a car. And even though I know that I can stay in their house, there are typically people staying there in the summer at different times. The easy solution to all of this is to stay in Salt Lake with Kristy. There are few people that I feel as comfortable with as I do with Uzi. It's easy like Sunday morning.

Saturday morning we attended the funeral which was a really nice tribute to a man who lived a wonderful life. Also, he was an amazing artist. That's what stood out to me the most - he did amazing things and was very talented, but that isn't what people loved about him. There were violin solos, bag pipes, and his daughter sang "The Lords Prayer" which was the most beautiful rendition I've ever heard. To be able to sing that at your father's funeral is amazing. Here is a nice video about the viewing held on Friday night. And if you are reading this, take a minute and watch this video. It summarizes the funeral better than I can here or with my shoddy photos. And you can see a short clip of his daughter singing.

On Saturday evening, a few of us went to dinner and then ended up at Kristy's house where we ended up doing one of my all-time favorite things: singing around a piano. I could only get a short clip on youtube for some reason, but please to enjoy. Please note that I stopped participating to record the video.

Yep. A belly full of Cafe Rio, 4 large glasses of caffeine diet coke during the day, twizzlers, warm weather, a few hours at the pool, time spent with loved ones, hanging with Uzi. Life doesn't get better than that.

Before I left, my sister and her kiddos stopped by to see me on their way to Idaho. This may be the most white trash photo I ever put on my blog. I love that belly so much! And the four other kids in the car of course.


Sam & Riley



In April I shared an entire bag of Twizzlers with Daniel down in LA, so I thought it would be fun to get all the kids bags of candy for their roadtrip that evening. Since it is my favorite candy, I asked Daniel if he would share a few with me. Here is his response:

At the airport, I was able to spend a few minutes with Matt since he had just landed and I was boarding my plane. Sure love that guy.

Many thanks to my Dad for getting me there, Uzi for being my taxi, hotelier, and all around bestie, to Shanna, Jana, and Brooke for being so fun, Kirsten for making the effort to come visit me when you saw on facebook that I would be in town, and Matt for the smooches and fudge. Oh. and to Utah for providing me with a few days of warm summer weather. Holla.


Bud & Kim said...

Looks like fun!

Rachael said...

Who doesn't know Journey? Come on girls!!

erica said...

how neat that you were able to attend the funeral. i am glad you enjoyed utah, it misses you and wants to you move back!

Brooke said...

I didn't even get to give you a squish goodbye! It was so great to see you. That video is hysterical and I only wish it did our vocal prowess justice. Just sayin'. Utah misses you already...