Monday, September 27, 2010

Moving to New York - Roadtrip day 2

Day 2 of the move has come to a close, so I thought I'd give a little update so that people who want to know how everything is going can find out.

Yesterday Kristy and I woke up early, I said a tearful goodbye to my roommates and as we were walking out the front door, I yelled into the neighbor's door, "See ya, Crazy!". Good times. Kristy and I made it to Bakersfield for her niece's baptism and enjoyed spending time with her family for a few hours. Afterward, we drove to Vegas where we spent the night at a friend's parent's house. Wasn't our first plan, but that is what happened, and for friends who pull through for you at the last minute, I am grateful.

This morning, we finished our drive to my parent's house and with the help of some super gracious friends, moved all the boxes of my belongings into my old bedroom. And just a few hours later, all the boxes are stowed away, the bookshelves are full, the bedroom furniture has all been assembled and I am ready to go through the boxes intended to make their way to New York City. Luckily I have been in a purging mood due to the move, so tonight I cleared out another 4 boxes of things from my closet and am taking them to Deseret Industries in the morning.

Tomorrow, there will be more photos. For now you'll just have to deal with the one of me in my prom dress from earlier tonight. Can you believe that I fit into my prom dress? Thinnest I've been in 10 years. Woot!

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Pace said...

Sorry we missed the moving party