Monday, September 27, 2010

Utah, Day 2

I have donated approximately 20 boxes of personal effects to Goodwill/Deseret Industries in the last week. Seriously. I have?/had? a lot of crap.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to pick up a rental car and attempt to put as many of my remaining belongings inside. Heaven help me.

Tuesday night will be spent in Denver with my cousin and her family. I also made some arrangements today to stay with some friends toward the end of our journey that made me really happy inside. I've also had about 6 cans of caffeine-free diet coke today. Whatever gets me through, right?

Tonight while I was cleaning out my car and saying goodbye to Bette (yep, that is her name), reality kind of hit me that I am selling my car and moving to a city where I won't need one. OH MY GOSH I'M SELLING MY CAR. Luckily I didn't really freak out too much, but I'm still in denial that all of this is happening.

Heaven help me.

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