Monday, October 4, 2010

New Yorker

Well kids, I'm here. Kristy and I made it to New York City in one piece. To help the time pass by on our drive, we listened to "The Hunger Games" books 1 and 2, yelled "Peetah!" as often as possible, rocked out to the satellite radio in our rental car and to the CDs that Amy made for our journey. Really, the trip was uneventful and other than Kristy having to pee every 2 hours on the dot, there is nothing to report.

We arrived around noon on Saturday and after going to Target and spending half my life savings on things like hangers and a few pots and pans we returned the rental car at the airport and then Uzi and I went to Brooklyn to have dinner with Scott and Annie. That night I told Kristy that I keep waiting to feel some sort of anxiety or something about living in New York, but it all still seems very surreal and I feel fine about it. My apartment is awesome - I'm working on uploading a little video tour of my place, so stay tuned for that. My new roommate seems real cool and nice and we already have plans to go upstate together this weekend with a few other friends. I know where the grocery store and the drug store are (within a block of my house) and how to get home from the closest subway.

Today I am running errands and doing things like getting my drivers license and figuring out how long it will take me to get to work if I walk. Last night my mom called to check in on me and when I told her that I was just sitting on the couch with Kristy and my roommate and we were trying to figure out what we were going to be for Halloween, she seemed very disappointed.

For now, I am out to run the previously mentioned errands, but in the meantime, please imagine me doing more exciting things like having breakfast at Tiffany's or shopping at Sak's on Fifth Avenue.

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