Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is really going on with me

Apparently it is time to update everyone on my life here in New York, or my life in general as it now is. You know how I like lists, so here goes:

1. I love my life here.

2. My apartment is great as you already know if you viewed the videos I made a few weeks ago. Every time I talk to the doorman, take the elevator, do my laundry, take the shuttle to Columbus Circle, and take out the trash, I count my blessings.

3. I have hit the ground running with my job. So far I have been learning a lot and it has been really great to be able to manage some projects already. Last week I went on a business trip to Toronto and I didn't buy a single thing or take any photos in Canada. It was a whirlwind of a day and after sitting in a cab for approximately 4 hours total and then 3 hours on a plane and an hour in a cab line at the airport for a 2 hour meeting, I was ready for a nap.

4. After hearing my two bosses talk all day, I have started thinking in a British accent, and words are already starting to come out with a bit of an accent sometimes.

5. My boss finally knows that I'm Mormon. I accidentally lied to him about it the other night at a party, so I had my coworker talk about it casually yesterday while I was out of the office for a minute. Lucky for me, he had been drinking when I accidentally lied, so it was easy to cover up.

6. I am going to the UK in a few weeks for work. Woot!

7. Apparently I am into crafting. My roommate loves finding treasures on Wednesdays in the service corridor of our building and I am always fixing something up. This black frame thing was hanging on the wall in our living room and I thought I would spice it up for Halloween. I would like to thank my roomie for the lovely ghosts. The camel ghost is my personal favorite. When I pull things like this off, I find the proof that I am my mother's daughter.

Another one of Stef's treasures was a nightstand for me. She knew that the one in my room was on the verge of falling apart, so she dragged one upstairs for me last week. I wanted it to match my other bedroom furniture, so I bought some cheap craft paint and painted it while watching a movie in my church clothes on Sunday before going to dinner at the Bishop's house. I think it turned out great!

8. I was called as the Activities Co-Chair at work last week. It is my lot in life.

9. My latest San Francisco update is that my previously crazy neighbor may be dead in his apartment because from what I hear about the smell, something is dead in there. Just to be sure, I emailed him tonight and the email went like this:
we are worried about you - are you ok?

the mail has not been sorted and it smells like something has died.

- the girls next door
10. A few people have asked me if I miss San Francisco and I have to say that I don't miss SF yet, but I do miss all my peeps. You know who you are, Amy, Kristine, Rita, and Rachael. Come visit me.

11. You may have started wondering how I had my old neighbor's email address? I googled his name and found his psychic hotline website, so hopefully he knew that I was going to email him. Then again, if he was a psychic, he should have gone somewhere else to die since it is really stinking up the place.

12.My roommate is awesome. I really like her. I am going to her comedy show on Saturday night, so the jury is still out on her funniness level. :)

13. Last night I went to 3 different stores trying to buy clothes. First go at it, the only things on sale were tank tops despite the 70% sale in the window. Second go, I picked out a bunch of cute clothes and then saw the line for the fitting room and it was about 20 yards long, so I put all my clothes on the nearest rack and left the building. Third go round, I tried on clothes with no line and then looked at the line to check out and saw that it was about 20 yards long. So I hung up the clothes again and walked out. I got home, got in bed and bought everything online, didn't have to shlep it home, and got 20% off.

14. Go Giants!

15. Have I told you yet about the time that I went to Canal Street, stepped into the secret passageway, went underneath the building and up to the secret room where all the good purses are? You know what my email is if you want to know where that place is. I got 2 awesome purses and am happy to pass along good information when I have it.

16. Girls in New York even think Chris Nixon is hot and like to ask me about him.

17. Went to the Morris-Jumel Mansion on Saturday with Melissa. Apparently it is haunted, but I didn't see any ghosts. But I did some very large hairs coming out of the man's nose who was giving the tour. And not from the nostrils. I'm not sure which is grosser.

18. I am still on my diet in case you are curious.

That is all for now. Stef and I have more crafting projects coming down the pipeline, so get excited about that. And we have a celebrity couple name: STEGZ

Oh yeah. You heard me.


heidikins said...

Yay New York! Thank you much for the updates! I'm so glad everything is working itself out!


Bud & Kim said...

Thanks for the update! Glad you are enjoying NY.

Debsie Doodle said...

Nice update! Glad to hear things are going well!