Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Global Community

Today I spent the day in meetings with 4 Canadians, 4 Brits, 1 Scot, and 1 Aussie. At dinner I sat next to two Brazilians, someone who was born in Africa, a Greek guy who is married to a woman from Bosnia, and a British bloke. I was the only American in the entire lot all day.

My life has been pretty crazy lately and I do have photos to upload - but to save the data charges, I will refrain from doing that whilst in Canada. Whilst? Who says whilst?

Life is crazy and good - the job is keeping me super busy and has turned out to be pretty perfect for me. I would like Rita, Rachael, and Kirsten to know that today I got a water bottle. The second that I've received since moving here. Someone should warn Stef.

In other news, I went to bed last night at 12:45am and woke up at 4am.

Sleep well, my friends.

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