Monday, November 1, 2010

An open letter to ________,

Good morning.

I just missed the shuttle up to the subway and I have about 25 minutes to write you a little note, so I thought I'd take a minute to say hi. My life has been crazy this last week and I have averaged about 6 hours of sleep per night due to the hullabaloo. In fact, last night I was asleep before 9pm and awake at 4am. Go figure. I went to all sorts of work parties this week - 4 to be exact - and I was supposed to go to 6, but I was too busy.

This last weekend I have learned that I am grateful for nice people who talk to you at church or at parties when no one else does. It has been interesting for me coming from a place where I knew everyone and then finding myself sitting alone at a Halloween party because I don't know anyone there. I am working on making some girlfriends, but it is hard when my work schedule is so hectic.

I'm still loving life in New York. My job is really great and I am really blossoming in my responsibilities here. My first event is tomorrow, so keep me in your prayers today that all will go well.

Time for the bus. Miss you. Come visit soon.


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Bud & Kim said...

Miss you!!!