Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm at a friend's house watching British television right now. I am loving it - so much more entertaining than American tv. Seriously. You just can't argue with that. The man on the telly right now has a white blazer with large colored polka dots on and I am somehow still taking him seriously. And I think he is hot. What is it about the British??

The last time I spent time in small-town England was in the summer of 2002 and I have to say that it has been good to be back to that. I will say that the town I was in for the past week is a lot more exciting than the town I studied in while in college, so that is great news.

Today I was told that I'm very resourceful. And I responded with a laugh that in America they just call it assertive. Me? Assertive? haha.

I fully realize that I may be biased and most of my blood may come from this country, but I love the Brits. So much.

Please don't make me go home on Sunday. For multiple reasons.

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Audrey said...

I remember watching the British version of "Wheel of Fortune" while in London and totally laughing because the "top prize" was a refrigerator!