Thursday, December 2, 2010

When do dreams become reality?

I had lofty dreams before moving to New York. Mostly those dreams included me watching a lot of television and sitting at home in the evenings all cozy in my sweat pants. Really. That is what my dreams are. When your reality is living in New York, going to the UK for work and you've already been to the 50 states, your aspirations are low. I am currently considering traveling to the ten Canadian provinces. I've already been to 4 and there are 4 more on the east coast that I could hit up if I planned it right in the summer. Prince Edward Island, anyone? And I digress. My dreams are really to sit on the couch and hopefully lie under the radar. But those dreams are just dreams. And my reality is that I haven't exercised regularly in over 6 months, I'm currently sitting at work procrastinating a project that needs to get done, and I got 5 hours of sleep last night after experiencing the most turbulent flight of my life and then taking a 3 hour greyhound bus ride home. And I'm not complaining - life is good here. I feel loved, appreciated, challenged, and I love the vibe of New York.

In the meantime, my dear friends, know that I miss you. Just because I am horrible at responding to emails currently doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the emails more than you know. Also, I am obsessed with this song right now in case you were wondering.

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