Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have been horrible at taking photos since leaving San Francisco. Occasionally other people take photos and I am in them, but then I never get copies.

This morning I received some photos from Annie's birthday party at the beginning of January and I thought that I'd share so that you can see that I actually do have friends here. Also, I was in DC for meetings last week, so I went down Sunday night so that I could see some friends on the Monday holiday. I will include those for your viewing enjoyment as well.

Scott & Annie - some of my favorite people. Aren't they darling?

Annie, me, and Traci

The perfect place to be on President's Day - Mt. Vernon. There was a surprise party for George.

This pic is mostly for my parents - this is the original Prayer at Valley Forge that used to hang over Arnold's fireplace. We miss you, Arnold.

I called him "George" and he didn't seem to like that too much. "Not even my wife calls me George, young lady." haha. oops!

Maybe one day I will really start taking photos again without my coat on so that you can see that I haven't gained 50 pounds.


Traci G said...

I love Brooklyn.

Joy said...

That pic of you & "George" is so funny! I love your smirk, with the dimple showing. :) And that George Washington is huge!