Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You should know...

I feel like I have this conversation with my friends here fairly regularly(especially Traci), but don't really share it with the masses:

I really love living in New York. I don't actually miss San Francisco. Yet. I DO miss the people there for sure. One day my old coworkers put me on speakerphone and I could hear everyone yelling their hellos at me - and I could have cried. They are great people. But back to New York - I love that today I walked to work because it was a beautiful day; cold, but beautiful. I was walking down 5th Avenue enjoying all the window displays while almost no one else was out on the street. I love not having a car and not having to deal with parking, gas, paying for parking, insurance, registering, moving the car on street cleaning day, moving the car when your roommate parked behind you in the garage, etc. I love that other people are constantly in your face - not in your business, but just that you look other people in the eye all day long. You say you're sorry to people when you walk into them and you say thank you when someone holds the door open for you - and it happens all the time. New Yorkers are really nice and helpful. I love that it is 7pm and I am still here at work with my other coworkers (but that we aren't bitter about it). I love that the grocery store is just a block away from my house. I love that there are always friends in town. I love that there is so much history around here - mostly, I just love it here.




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Beverly B. said...

I'm happy for you.