Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why yes, I can be talked into doing things...

The other day I somehow stumbled across this song called "The Pretty Girl From Matthews".
Dear The Avett Brothers,
If I'd have known that you wrote a song about me, I would have loved you so much sooner.
Love, Me.
But really - I want to know who this song is about because if she is from Matthews, I know her. For reals. I have used my crazy amazing deducing skills to figure out that this "Matthews" is my hometown. I will stop rambling about this now.

It is quite a country song. Which is fitting if you are singing a song about a girl from North Cackalacky.

Last weekend I went camping with friends. Please reread that. I went camping. I was talked into it for a few reasons. The first being that I really liked who invited me (in a friendy girly way). The second was that I decided that in an effort to make more friends, I was going to say yes to anyone who invited me to do something unless I already had solid plans. So, I borrowed some camping gear from a generous friend (who is also hott - thanks, Jen!) and headed out into the wilderness of Scranton, Pennsylvania! No, I did not see Dwight Schrute there.

Here is how you camp as a New Yorker:

1. Pack up a rental car so full that you are fairly sure that you will be feeding 100 people and housing 50 in the woods for 2 weeks.

2. Get stuck in traffic on your way through the Lincoln Tunnel at 9pm on a Friday night.

3. Take a photo with Adrienne in a car, because you are in a car and not in a subway or on a bus.

4. Make friends with the local campers when you arrive at your campsite and have them give you enough wood to make s'mores. Put your headlamp on so that you look more outdoorsy.

5. In the morning, plug your waffle-iron in and eat up.

6. Appreciate the outdoors with 7 friends after breakfast and stay in this same position until someone realizes that it is 2pm.

7. Put some real clothes on and head down to Lake Lackawanna. (It is approximately 50 yards away)

8. While you are kayaking across the lake, it will start pouring rain and you will spend the balance of your time in the wilderness inside a tent napping, reading, talking to friends, OR you will be under a tarp eating dinner and you will be mostly damp.

9. I will spare you photos of this, but you will be munched on by approximately 500 bugs that I have decided were chiggers. Just imagine a foot that looks like it has chicken pox over every inch of it. There you go. Also, imagine the cute pedicure that I got today at lunch. That's even better.

In regards to the other craziness in my life (aka - couch surfing), things are going well. I am really grateful for good friends. Also, my dad is going under the knife tomorrow and getting a rod put into his leg. The saga continues.

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