Tuesday, September 20, 2011

where i been

Last weekend I was in Toronto for work and the only thing I did outside of work was go to the Yankees/Blue Jays game on Friday night with a gaggle of colleagues.  You might be surprised to find that cheering for the Yankees helped me make some friends - a Canadian in front of me turned around and wanted to know why a girl like me was cheering for the Yankees.  We chatted for a while and of course the conversation turned to hockey - we were in Canada, remember - and then I tuned out and tried yet again to explain to my British friends how baseball is different than Rounders.  

Yep. It was exciting.

A few gems from my trip:

I was sitting in a hotel lobby at a registration desk helping people get their badges for a conference.
Man runs up to me like he is about to pee his pants - at least that is what it looks like is happening
Man: in a foreign accent Can you tell me where the &$*&#$# room is?!
Me: Are you looking for the restroom?
Man: NO NO NO! (Doing pee pee dance) THE WASH ROOM!!!!
I put this story on facebook, but it cracks me up every time.  Lost in translation, apparently.  Then it happened again, about 30 seconds later with another guy.  

I also decided on my halloween costume.  Let's just say that I'm rocking a princess costume this year.  Just. You. Wait.    

This weekend I am going to Utah to visit my parents - the first time since their accident back in June.  We have fun plans like getting my hair did with my mom and going fishing with my dad up at Strawberry.  I'm also having a birthday dinner with my nephews and niece.  Tons of fun packed into one weekend.  Maybe if I'm lucky my mom will make me tuna casserole or tacos.  And see some of you?  Have your people call my people, if you know what I mean.

Zundel out.

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