Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Improved Celeb Sightings

A few weeks ago my coworker burst into the office after lunch claiming to have ridden in the elevator with Beyonce.  It wasn't that I didn't believe her, but I figured it was a fluke.  Well, you should know that the two photos below were taken outside my office building in the past week and I have seen Beyonce and her baby bump with my own two eyes on both of these occasions.  Apparently she has an office in my office building.

And my one chance at talking to one of the most famous people in the world?  Of course I said something.  Remember that one time that I sat next to Scott Wolf during the taping of American Idol?  I totally talked to him and only told him that I loved him all through high school in my head.  Back to the story.  About two weeks ago I was waiting for the elevator at the end of the day with two of my coworkers and we were talking about what we were going to eat that night for dinner.  One of my coworkers was complaining that her future mother-in-law was making her corned beef that night when the elevator stopped and three people got in the lift with us.  All of a sudden we all realized that Beyonce was one of them and we just got huge eyes and tried to act totally normal.  So I said to my coworker "Corned beef, huh?"  Then I looked over at Beyonce's fingers texting away on her iphone and said "I like your nails! They look like little watermelons!"  I give myself an F.  Not sure if it is for FAIL or FREAKING AWESOME! For the record, she smiled and said thank you.

If I see her again today I will make sure to tell you what she will be wearing in her PEOPLE photo tomorrow.  She is for sure here again  - Pappa - Pappa - Pappa-RATZI  are all around the building.  Carry. On.


Justin and Silvia said...

Awesome! She is so beautiful!

erica said...

the next time you're in an elevator with beyonce, you should start singing this song. both my boys love it! http://youtu.be/sNl8rODXIBk {okay, don't really, but it would be funny!}

Justin said...

I say "F" for Fawless. Well played.
Next time your in the elevator with her I dear you to rip a huge fart.