Friday, July 27, 2012

DJ Sizzle

At work I am the DJ.  {most of the time}

Do you have Spotify?  If not, why?  It has changed my life.  You can pretty much listen to whatever you want, whenever you want FOR FREE.  Don't have it?  Download it immediately.

When I moved to San Francisco all of my CD's were stolen out of my car and I have mourned their loss ever since.  I didn't want to buy the songs on iTunes to just listen to them.

Want some great playlists?  Here are some that I put together. 

Country Faves I might be listening to this one until the rest of forever.  This playlist is my soul.

Summer 2012  What I'm listening to this summer.

Lurve  Shmoopy.

Need some Paula Abdul?  90's Dance

What I was listening to in January

Girly music

Melissa's Wedding Playlist 2007

Let me know if you like this and maybe I'll keep sharing some in the future.

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