Monday, December 17, 2012

San Franidazzle 2011

A few months ago when the plans for this year's holiday party started up, I realized that I never posted anything about last years parties.  Even though I realize that both parties were over a  year ago now, I am going to bombard you with some photos from a party that happened in 2011.  You're welcome.

These people are just some of my favorites in the world.  A few of these people even have more permanent dates to bring the next time we have this thing.  Amazing.

I've known all of them for years. What a great group.

Go Rita.

Homie Santa made an appearance.

And of course I have this photo framed in my room.

Kristephanie Zundelac.  Boom.

I love Christmas.

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heidikins said...

Kristephanie Zundelac!!