Monday, May 6, 2013

The only pictures I took this weekend.

For the past few months, I have made a new tradition for myself.  Saturday = Diet Dr. Pepper at McDonalds.  Most of the time, I go with my friend who lives around the corner.  It is one of my favorite things now about the weekend.  You know that life is good when all you want on the weekend is some time at McDonalds.  I mean, really.

Saturday night, I went to a Great Gatsby party downtown.

My friend, Amber, whom I have been friends with for nearly 13 years - we figured out that we are 4th cousins due to a polygamist ancestor.  Enough of that nonsense.  Back to Gatsby.  Can we just discuss though for a moment how that book is terribly depressing?  Not a single character has integrity.  Lame.  But here I am looking like Daisy Buchanan on the subway.  She rode the subway when she wasn't living in her mansion out on Long Island.  We are obviously twins.  


I shall never tire of the views from this rooftop.  If we can't party at a mansion on Long Island, this is a close second in places I'd like to spend my evenings.

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erica said...

you look so cute. love the pictures!!!