Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lessons from today

1. pictures that you thought you had deleted from your computer can show up at any time, unexpectedly. take these for example. and yes, i had to share or else you'd all be emailing me asking me to send them to you anyway. so i blacked out the eyes. seriously - seeing these photos really did cause a gag reflex. not that the ex's gross me out, but i feel ill.

2. this lead me to wondering what happened to another ex of mine that i dated for a few years in college. i have looked him up on facebook for a long time now, but he has a very common name, so i never had much success. today, i entered as much information as i could about him into the google search box, and i hit stalker gold. he had entered a book review on about a medieval weaponry book - or something very similar, and i knew that it was him. you see, he was a fencer and he was into that sort of stuff. i also noticed that on, he had a wedding registry listed. after verifying with, i found that he got married earlier this year in his very small hometown in a state that i don't live in. when i find the wedding pictures online, you know that i will post them here for you to see.

3. the below picture is why i'd rather not clean my house sometimes. i saw a dirty spot on the ceiling and when i went to clean it, i swear that i rubbed off over 100 years of dirt and now it looks worse than it did before. rachael, welcome home.

4. unless i go grocery shopping, i will not eat dinner for the third day in a row. which leads me to...

5. good friends are highly valuable. especially when they are supposed to be your date to your 10 year reunion in a few weeks. this is serious.


Pace said...

I love that you have the cahones to put up pics of the exs. And on the last picture, if you imagine blood dripping from your teeth, that picture is 5 times cooler.

UZI said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that first picture. Did you really date him? and the second picture, I don't know if you should have also blacked out the eyes of the kid in the back ground or the "third eye" on your ex's forehead!

Haa ha haa, love it! :)

oh and p.s. if I were there, i'd totally go to dinner with you!

angelabarton said...

When you're in town for your reunion, you had better try to come and see us or at least say hello to the kiddos! I can't believe you're going to make it across country for your reunion. What are the plans for that? Where are you having it? Keep in touch!!