Thursday, July 16, 2009

utah has perfect summer weather. i had forgotten.

a very good friend of mine moved away from san francisco today. in fact, a few good friends have moved away recently. some of the sweetest people i know, and it makes me sad to see them go.

my trip to utah was good - i spent some really, really great quality time with my sister's kids and i enjoyed every second of the wonderful summer weather. i learned some good lessons while i was in utah...
  • there is a reason that we should get married when we are younger and our bodies function better. that sounds very odd, but call me and i'll tell you a good story.
  • hatch's hot chocolate - really is the best hot chocolate that i've ever had.
  • if i'm really tired, an hour nap is a really bad idea.
  • arranging for someone to take you to the airport is the most reliable way to get there. or taking public transit. i had some awesome car drama. the good news is that all is well now.

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